Selling: G1 RR Soundwave/PM Optimus, G1 Jetfire, G2 Megatron, RID Scourge/Landfill

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    Hi, I'm selling the G1 re-releases of Soundwave/Laserbeak/Ravage and Powermaster/God Ginrai Optimus Prime, G2 tank Megatron, G1 Jetfire, RiD Scourge, and RiD Landfill (Hightower, Wedge, Heavyload, Grimlock). If you're interested in any of them, PM me with an offer and we can discuss the details. All shipping by USPS unless otherwise agreed, and all payment by Paypal or money order. My eBay username is thezoostation if you want to check my feedback.

    G1 RR Powermaster Optimus Prime is in excellent condition, with the exception of the sticker on one of his back wings being partially pealed off. Comes with all parts and instructions.

    G2 Megatron is in fair condition. Nothing on him is broken, but some of the metal joints have rust damage. I can't guarantee that his electronics still work. His head doesn't rest all the way into position in tank mode as the spring doesn't work correctly. Perfectly fine as a display piece in either mode, though. Comes with all parts and instructions, minus 1 missile.

    G1 RR Soundwave is in excellent condition and comes with Ravage and Laserbeak. Comes with all parts and instructions.

    RID Scourge is in very good condition, but has some minor rust marks on a few metal screws. One missile has some plastic wear on it. Comes with all parts and instructions.

    RID Landfill is in good condition, although some metal points have some rust marks. Comes with all parts and instructions.

    G1 Jetfire is in fair condition. Nothing is broken, but some joints are stiff and some of the white plastic has a low level of yellowing. Some of the red paint on the figure has streaked. Comes with gun, no red armor.