Selling: Botcon Huffer/Springer set, Transmetal Megatron, and Many More

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Trentulas, Mar 12, 2008.

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    Here's the deal: I'm out to supplement the old cashflow and as of right now, I've got plenty to sell and I don't feel like hassling with ebay's fees, their setup or their other, numerous hassles. So I'm giving everybody a shot at my upcoming lot before I put it up for auction.

    If it doesn't get sold by Sunday (3/16/08), its going up for auction. I prefer paypal for payment. If you are interested, contact me via private message. If multiple people express interest in the same item its going to be first-come, first-serve.

    Ok, here's the list:
    Botcon Huffer and Springer: $115 - Sealed in baggies, with techs.
    Botcon LOC Ramjet: $20, loose
    Masterpiece Collection "Sue Graham" Shadow Alpha: $50 - Sealed, with inner and outer box.
    RiD Stormjet: $10 - Loose, complete, no instructions.
    Botcon Europe 2002 Rook: $10 - In baggie (baggie is crinkled but is sealed)
    Set O' Four Cybertron BK TFs: Prime, Jetfire, Red Alert, Megatron: $5 - In individual baggies
    Universe Cheetor (Night Slash Mold): $8 - Loose, complete
    Armada Sideswipe: $8 - Sealed, On Card, some card wear.
    Armada Airrazor: $20 - Sealed, on card, some card wear
    Commemorative Series Tracks: $15 - Loose with box, complete
    Transformers Universe Ratchet: $8 - SEaled on card, some card wear
    Transformers Universe Blastcharge: $8 - SEaled on card, some card wear
    Beast Wars RockBuster: $8 - Complete, opened for display, with box.
    Reissue Dirge: $25 - Sealed.
    Cybertron Sixshot: $15 - Sealed.
    Universe Tankor/Obsidian: $20 - Sealed.
    Transformers Armada "Battle for Cybertron" Board Game: $10 - Sealed
    Shadow Panther (BW): $10 - Loose, complete

    Sold Items
    Transmetal Megatron: SOLD - Loose, complete, no instructions.

    If this goes over well, I may do a mass purge of my doubles in a similar fashion.

    Good hunting, all.