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    Welcome to my junk thread. This serves to track parts and junkers I have for sale and those that I am in search of.

    Item, condition, and asking price will be specified below when necessary. If it is not listed, feel free to make your offers.

    Payment: Asking prices are in USD. I primarily use PayPal but also have Zelle and Venmo optional.

    I'm always willing to negotiate and hear out your deals. Don't hesitate to DM if you have any offers or leads.

    Pics can be found on my Sales thread

    $40 - RID - Megatron (Loose, missing foot guard + dragon head)
    $15 - Siege - Ultra Magnus (Loose, core bot only, missing front bumper)
    $10 - AOE - Strafe (Loose, broken tail)
    $10 - DOTM - Sideswipe (Loose, missing hood and MechTech weapon)
    $35 - SS - Roadbuster (Loose, missing rear bumper and minigun)

    T30 Springer - Propeller/Sword, tailfins
    SS10 Jazz - Feet (both), Hand (any), Gun
    T30 Windblade - Sword (most versions of WB will have the same one)
    RID Megatron - Right Footguard, Tail
    WFC Worlds Collide Bumblebee - Head
    Legacy Armada Starscream - Right Wing (his left)
    Newage H2 Jazz - Gun
    Newage Junkers