Selling 2010 Unicron, Transformers Prime Megatron custom, more

Discussion in 'Transformers On Ebay' started by C16, Dec 8, 2012.

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    2010 Unicron
    Transformers 2010 Unicron Universal Dominator | eBay

    Transformers Animated Arcee (two of them)
    Transformers Animated Arcee | eBay
    Transformers Animated Arcee | eBay

    ehobby Kup
    Transformers United E Hobby Kup | eBay

    ehobby Rodimus
    Transformers United E Hobby Rodimus | eBay

    Revoltech #110 Himura Battousai
    Revoltech 110 Himura Battousai | eBay

    Transformers Dark of the Moon Voyager Megatron custom
    Transformers Dark of The Moon Voyager Megatron Custom | eBay

    Got a bunch of SNES games up too and I'll be putting a painted up and fully panel lined Primus once I finish it tomorrow.