SDCC 2016 Exclusives

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    Anyone going? Here's a list from SDCC blog:

    exclusives | San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog

    I missed out on the only thing that I really wanted to get, which was the Wonder Woman doll from Matty collector. I had a brain freeze and forgot that the sale started at 8am. They announced that more may be released for sale in July, but you can't purchase this item on-site, which I think is kind of stupid.

    Hasbro's Fortress Maximus looks cool, but I'm not sure about picking it up because the box is MASSIVE and I'd most likely have to ship it home, which is a hassle, not to mention crazy expensive. I'm hoping they have some Marvel Legends reveals forthcoming, because so far, their reveals have been on the *meh* side.

    I hope Entertainment Earth has an MP exclusive or two this year that ISN'T MP-Crumblebee. They've had TRU-early MP releases in years past, so this year probably is Bumblebee. Yuck!

    Hopefully, there's a nice Voltron exclusive from Toynami and something cool from Bandai.