Scrounge,cybaxx,CW Nosecone,CW Lightsteed - FOR TRADE .

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    I got my Hasbro COMPUTRON today ! , however , I DO NOT CARE FOR LIGHTSTEED , NOSECONE and SCROUNGE w/ CYBAXX , and would love to trade any number of them ..... I am looking for UW NOSECONE , UW SCATTERSHOT , UW LIGHTSPEED , as well as ANY bots that comprise GRAND GALVATRON ...... I know the value of such things , so depending on the bot , I`d consider the lot for it .... either way if you happen to have some thing in my want list , PLEASE don`t hesitate to respond ;)  Also TO NOTE , I have a very fresh out of the box VICTORION head , aswel as a DUSTUP head , for all out there who do customs ect , A lot of folks could very well use DUSTUP`s head for a G1 anime NIGHTBIRD :) 
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