Scream 4

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    I'm a little late to the game on this one, mostly due to the fact that I never had any intention of watching this movie after the last couple of duds. Well, no surprises here- it's more of the same only moreso. The 2 fake openings in addition to the real opening, all of which was like watching the same scene 3 times in a row, left me feeling tired and bored and it was only 10 minutes into the movie. The rest of it played out like you'd expect; bunch of people dying or barely surviving and the cops are unable to get to a scene in their squad cars faster than someone that walked there.
    For a movie that was oh-so-self-aware of its place in the horror genre, and oh-so-vocal about how the genre rules have all changed, everything played out exactly the same as in the first 3 flicks. The plot twist at the end where they reveal who the killer(s) are was completely vapid. I watched in painful disbelief as the killer explained (at great length) the ridiculous motives behind their killing spree. In short- s/he wanted her/his 15 minutes of fame. In order to do this, said killer kills all of their closest friends
    and family.

    This movie was fun back in 1996. Now it's just played out and dumb. The two girls in the fake intro that were complaining about how dumb these kinds of self-aware horror movies are were like prophets of doom. If only I had listened. I do agree with those girls though, that the Saw and Hostel movies are torture porn. As much as I was disappointed with Scream 4, I'd gladly sit through it 10 more times than watch any of the Saws even once.

    In short- this movie is like Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End. A lot of characters that I like were stuck in a movie that, while not exactly terrible, wasn't satisfying either.