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    Boredom sets in, I draw some pictures.
    Also pictured is my atrocious handwriting.

    Dragon Hound.
    This rather terribly drawn fire breathing creature was created mostly because I wanted to see if I could create a "meaner looking" dragon than my sister. My mom's words, not mine. At any rate, while I'm good at drawing people (so to speak) from different angles, animals and objects are difficult for me, hence why this thing is drawn from a total side view perspective (except for it's tail).

    While we're on the subject of people...
    As stated, the character's name is Umbrais. She's a...Demon. A snake...bat...thing. Her mother is a giant demon snake and her father's a bat demon, that's the story for her. Her name is based on the Latin word "umbra," meaning shadow. Is it a good name? Depends on who you ask. Do I like the name? Yes I do.

    There was one other sketch I made, but...Um...Well...
    Eh, forget it. If someone wants to see that one I can send it in a PM.

    As for that attachment, that is from an unfinished sketch that I'm probably never going to get back to...But it serves as a pretty good example of how I draw expressions.


    I believe that it's always good to try new styles. Here, Umbrais is making it obvious that she is not fond of the new style. Her little sister, Pera, on the other hand...

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