Scramble city fan dub script

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    Hey I tried writing Arrival but that went down he pooper as a novel so decided to try script writing it instead. But before that I will try my script writing skills by doing dub scripts before hand. Here is
    Scramble city fan-dub script

    Scene 1

    Opening scene pans through space and focuses its attention on planet cybertron and battles that occur on it

    Narrator: 4 million years ago on the planet Cybertron, life existed. But not life as we know it today. Machines that could think and feel inhabited the cities. These were called the Transformers. For 10 million years transformers lived in peace and harmony until a group of Transformers, who branded themselves as Decepticons, vowed conquest on the peace loving inhabitants who became known as Autobots. Over time this attempt of slavery led to a brutal war for power and survival which has devastated the planets surface and depleted the bountiful energy resources.

    scene goes to a familliar scene in which Wheeljack (with Bumblebee in is aft section) comes across a group of seeker jets

    Wheeljack: Oh slag, a Decepticon welcoming comitee. Armor mode.
    wheeljack's black armor plating slides up

    Starscream: Its an Autobot, destroy him!!!!