Saturn VI (Non tf project im working on) Story outline.

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    Something I'd like to pitch to a major screen writer at somepoint when im done.

    The story takes place in the year 2129 and the Earth has officially hit the bottom of the barrel... Oil barrel that is.

    And while the Leaders of the free world knew this would be coming they all colabolated on a project of epic proportions.

    The Luna Saturn Mission.

    As alternative fuel source projects Ultimately took a back seat to Fossil Fuels and the insuing wars that took place in countries that held large quantity Oil stockpiles primarly in the middle east and venezuela.
    Now with the end of the fossil fuel era looming the goverments of the earth assemble a large transport ship with a Nuclear powered engine outside the moon's luna orbital space station.
    The goal of the Luna Saturn mission is to make a micro Jump (a Process that was refined in the early 2100's) allowing the transport ship to travel to mars and use it's gravity to helping it sling shot into a vector allowing another micro jump to bring it to one of the outer moons of Saturn.


    Tethys being a ice water moon would solve the dual effort of drilling for a water source to help keep the Nuclear engine cooled and water for the crew, while a smaller unmaned booster rocket transports a excavator drone to Titan. (Saturn VI) A moon that because of the amounts of radiation from Saturn we could never land on the surface.

    Titan was discovered in 2004 by the Cassini–Huygens mission to have an atmosphere largely composed of nitrogen and its climate includes methane and ethane clouds. The climate—including wind and rain—creates surface features that are similar to those on Earth, such as sand dunes and shorelines, and, like Earth, is dominated by seasonal weather patterns. With its liquids (both surface and subsurface) and robust nitrogen atmosphere, Titan is viewed as analogous to the early Earth, although at a much lower temperature.
    Scientist also believe it rains petroleum and have discovered lakes of petroleum in various areas of the surface.

    Which for this story means an unlimited source of fuel for the earth's needs.... or does it?

    One script writer i spoke to said that this could be a awesome story for a movie if done right and of course i said "NO PITCHING IT TO BAY" :lol :
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    Interesting sci-fi story. I'd totally see that if that ever hits the movies.