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    Why does Sam have no money in DotM? He saved the Earth twice and died the second time doing it. Sure the paid for his college, but why should he have to worry about money anymore?

    Why wasn't Sam given a liaison position as first contact with the Autobots instead of being shirked to the sidelines with no money and no job?

    Why wasn't the plot about Sam having the Allspark knowledge in his head not followed up on in this movie? It's not like it just disappeared.

    Why was Sam given shit when he first tried to enter the Nest base, did no one recognize him, or was it be a dick day?

    Why did no one give Sam some kind of contact system directly to Nest if something came up?

    Why did Mearing threaten Sam with treason if he said anything about what he sees in the base? Does the planet still not know about Cybertronians? And I'm pretty sure Decepticons could have found the base assuming they haven't already.

    Why is Sam the only one capable of motivating any kind of action to move the plot forward?

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    They paid for his college. If he wanted them to pay him money he might as well go on welfare. BAZING.

    Because Mearing said that she doesn't want civilians who once owned special cars breaking her chain of command. She wants Sam out of the way because the autobots trust him more then the government.

    Because all that knowledge was transferred into the matrix after Sams entering the matrix and meeting the 12 primes.

    Because these soldiers have probably not seen him before. Their job is to keep the base a secret to protect the base. Hence trying to trick sam.

    Only reasonable question. I concede this one.

    She was trying to exert dominance on him. Of course the world knows, she just wants to keep him under her thumb.

    Because hes the human child the autobots chose to chill with in the first movie. Deal with it.
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