Salvatore Neverwinter Book II (no spoilers)

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    So I was wondering does anyone else follow the Drizzt novels ? and if so, what are your intial thoughts on the current book?
    Without spoiling, I will say that I immediately noticed a different feel to this one. I am not even convinced R.A. wrote this stuff. It has none of the magic *most of the books in the series had. It feels more like a Goosebumps novel from when I was a kid.
    I refuse to read anything his son Geno writes, but I would almost bet he ghostwrote some of this. Idunno, maybe Im just old this year...

    I'm pushin through it, there seems to be some steam gathering at least, as I said I wont mention anything, but some characters are being mentioned that are becoming the heart of the series, so there's still hope.

    I guess I'm just asking did anyone think the first few chapters felt odd, like it was a fanfic and not even RA?

    I will say this, his endings never fail to disappoint. I'm wondering if Tos'un Armgo will ever be back? He was awesome in that final battle a few books ago. I know he got married so maybe thats the end of his story
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    Drizzt's still kicking, huh? I haven't read of him since Homeland, Exile, and Sojourn.