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    Hi there, here is my S/T list look around and see if there's something you would like, I add stuff weekly, so if its not here now it maybe later, so keep checkin back.
    I can get pics, and some prices are negotionable, thanks for lookin. :rock 

    ***G1 bots for sale/trade***

    Skywarp C8, very light sticker wear, Missing 1 lancher, both shot missiles, both long missiles, both black tail wings. $15

    Greasepit, (base/station only) C8 missing micro, and all loose parts, nothing broken,$5

    Topspin C8, missing gun, sticker wear,

    Ultra Magnus C5 (cab) Rubber tire ver, bad sticker, and crome wear, stacks broken all the tires are there,

    Chase, (Throtlebot) C7 missing one tire, stress mark on left arm, $2

    Doubledealer C8 missing gun, missile, Chest plate, and powermaster skar, great bot lite sticker wear.$10

    Ultra Magnus C4, junker plastic ver, bad crome wear,paint wear and sticker wear, one smoke stack broken, $1

    Headstrong C8 bot only, missing horn, ( Plastic ver) $6

    Onslaught C8 (Plastic ver) bot only, missing double berrle back gun as well,$4

    Lightspeed C8, bot only back of bot/car broken off, but inclueded, good and tight, $3

    Hun-Gurr C7 bot only, sticker wear, needs a cleaning, $5

    Hun-gurr C8 bot only, light stiker wear, $7

    Scatorshot C7-8 bot only, sticker wear, neads cleaning, $8

    Motormaster C7-8 sicker wear, a little loose, $7

    Silverbolt C8.5 good and tight, stickers never appied, comes with big gun. $10

    Silverbolt C7 bot only, leg screw has been removed, missing the little white engine just needs that to be put back on$3

    Silverbolt C8 bot only good shape, $8

    Skydive C8 bot onlylight paint wear,$4

    Afterburn C8 bot only light sticker wear, $4

    Nosecone C8, broken off cone, Light sticker wear, $4

    Cutthroat C8 missing bot head, light sticker wear, $3

    Groove #1 C5 bad crome wear, and yellowing,( metal chest) $2

    Groove #2 C7 crome, & sticker wear, (Melal chest) $3

    Groove #3 C7 light crome, and sticker wear,(metal chest ver)

    Blades C7 bot only, missing half of blade, and tail, $2

    Blades #2 C6missing half of the blade, and both sides of the tail, $1

    Blastoff C7 missing all three wings, front wheel broke off, Sticker wear, $2

    Wheelie C7 missing windshild, comes with tecspec, $6

    Seaspray C9 complete, great shape, with tecspec, and instruction,$10

    Gears C8 light paint wear,$4

    Windcharger C8 complete, light crome wear, with tecspec, $8
    Widcharger C7 crome wear, stress on top of car, $3

    Cosmos C8 paint on head is lightly worn, $4

    Kickback C6-7 paint wear, Missing right front insect leg, left antana, and yellow chest peace, bad crome wear,$2

    Cromedome C5, junkerbot the parts for the car mode are there but thats it, $2

    Getaway C6 yellowing, paint, and sticker wear, no wepons, or engine, $1

    Powerglide C9, slight stressmark on tail, complete with tecspec, $8


    Scrapper C9, bot only, missing hood $5

    Hook C9 Bot only,$5

    Mixmaster C9 bot only, $5

    Bonechrusher C9 bot only, $5

    Swindle C8 bot only,$3

    Swindle C8 #2, bot only, $3

    ****Beast Wars****

    Optimus Primal, sword, $2

    Depth Charge, yellow disks, X2, $2

    Wolfang, Missile, $2

    Cacadacon, Wing missile, broken tip, $1

    Scavenger MISB, box is faded and the wendow is broke, $8

    Powerpinch C9 great bot, missing Pincher/tail, $2

    TM Rinox C7 Crome faded, from blue, to green, missing horn, $4

    Drillbit C8 missing arms,$1

    Insecticon C9 complete, $4********ON HOLD**********

    Bonecrusher C8, missing, left arm, and missile, $3

    Arm for Snapper, *

    Leg for Scavenger, right side,*

    Megatron dino head no tunge,*

    body for Cheetor, red eyes, missing arms and legs, brokenarm connecter right side, *

    2$ for the limbs , and broken, lot, all are marked with a, *

    TM2 Scurge C7, lite crome and paint wear, missing 1 wing, and both missiles, $3

    Silverbolt wingmissile, right side, $1


    KB exclusive, clear Spy changers, all 6, MISC 24$ for the lot, or $5 ea,

    KB exclusives, (alternet colors,Armada packaging) clear Spy Changers, MISC 25$ for the lot, or $6 ea,


    Snarl C10 complete,$4

    Silverbolt C10, complete, with card and bubble,$6


    Pipes $3
    Bombshell $3

    ***G1 parts for sale/trade,***

    Blades side guns X2, $4

    Dragstrip big gun, broken conecter has been glued, not very noticable,$2
    Firstaid big gun, great shape, $2

    Swindle's small gun X2, great shape, $2

    Laserbeak's Right side gun/engine, crome wear tip of gun broken off,*

    Sunstreaker's legs and feet, light paint wear no tires and missing one wheel,*

    Battletraps blue truck part, great shape,*

    Flywheel's jet part, great shape, *

    head to bummblebee, original, not the keychain ver, great shape very light crome wear,*

    All parts with the, * by as a lot, $2

    Ultra magnus voice changer C8 $1

    KO Minasor fist & feet, head, chest, gun and wast, all fit onto original Motormaster the chest is a bit tight but I modified it to fit, $6

    Mcdonalds Happy meal Armada Star Scream 25c

    Mcds Armada Red Alert 25c,
    BK kids meal Cybertron Prime 25c

    If you need pic of some thing I can do, LMK.

    ***none TF sale, or trade****

    Startrek Deep space Nine
    Runabout, Reo Grand, missing the instructions and decals, still in box and sealed in the bag, box is less than perfect, but its there. 20$

    ***My want list, would prefer to trade for,***

    guns for, Fireflight, and, Skydive,
    Parts for Definsor, feet fists, wast, chest,
    Computron Parts any & all,
    Onslought's back cannon, and gun,
    Abonimus'es feet, and fists, anything Terrorcon,
    Wepons for Deadend,
    Wepons for Wildrider,
    Seacons, all the small bots, wepons, and parts, and parts for Snaptrap,

    I'll trade for anything G1 combiner wise if I don't have it running out of my ears.



    ****Energon Combiners****

    PM me if you want to see something. :rock 

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    Nov 10, 2002
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