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    So I just received a Masterpiece Shockwave/ Laserwave Destron via a trade with another board member in the mail today, super excited as he is one of my all time favorite characters. I'm sad to say that although the figure looks wonderful, a true masterpiece version to the Original G1 Cartoon Shockwave, His abdomen panel that covers the trigger either popped off or broke off ( I think broke ) and I am unable to retrieve it through the slot that it slides down from. I'm hoping there is a fix of some kind or solution. I contacted the board member and asked where he purchased him hoping I might be able to get a replacement. Any other advice would be most welcomed. Thanks for reading.

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    So stoked and proud of myself, I disassembled him via screws in the back and fixed the panel. I'm not sure where this post should go, but if any of you get a takara mp Shockwave and have an issue with the abdomen panel sliding up inside of the figure. instead of fishing around with tweezers and trying to get it out, simply remove the 4 screws in the back and pull the torso apart gently as the arms and ratchets are attached at the top with springs and plastic gears with teeth, then take out the panel and put it back in place. I think mine was put in upside down which is why it didn't work properly and slid up inside of the figure. I hope this helps some of you. I am very happy now with the figure overall. He's awesome!!

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