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    Hi. Haven't been on here much lately (personal drama) but recently noticed my apartment filling up and remembered you guys.

    Most items you see below are "make offer" though occasionally I have a price listed. In those cases it would still be OBO. For those of you whom don't want to "make offer" I can supply a starting price, but it's taking me time to find values for these Items, so they'll be added bit by bit.

    None of the Prices include shipping,though if you want an estimate I'll get you one pretty fast.

    Parts in this shot Include
    Green TurboZord 3
    Green Rescue turbozord part
    half of Turbozord 5
    front half 8" white ranger sheild-hold.
    Back half 8" green ranger sheild
    1 tigerzord red side bulb
    1 Partial SPDZord-SOLD
    1 McD Pink Ranger MMPR
    1 Mini Yellow Ranger MMPR
    1 Partial Dragonzord Tail
    a couple batter covers
    and other unknown Power Rangers Parts.
    2 8 inch green Rangers
    1 8 inch lord Zedd
    1 6 inch (I think retrofire) Wildforce Megazord -$5
    1 AUTOMORPHING Wildforce BLUE NM -$5
    1 NM Automorphin MMPR Red -$5
    1 NM Bendable MMPR Red
    Yellow Thunderzord
    White Tiger THunderzord (missing red caps and crown, not sure if electronics work)-hold
    Tor The Corrier Zord (missing horn, BC and cannons) Electronics work.
    Simpsons figures:
    Willie in robe
    Ninja turtles figures
    2 Transforming figures in played with but servicable condition
    1 NM Shredder (soft head) missing weapons but with Mint cape and Belt.
    Elephant former (missing BM head, otherwise good condition)
    Revenge of the Fallen Ice cream truck transformer (1 of 2)
    RID PRime Hands and shoulderpad
    Legless activators prime
    Unknown Damaged Fuzor. Remaining parts are in good condition
    Yu Gi Yoh monster.
    Optimus Primal NM Seems complete, missing missiles/swords.
    Optimus Primal Transmetal Missing Beast mode foot and weapons. Great shape otherwise.
    TM Rampage. Good shape, missing a couple Beast Mode legs
    Activators Megatron in very good shape. Complete
    2 pack Battles Optimuse Prime in Great shape. Complete-HOLD
    Baboon Transformer. Good shape, might be missing weapon/small part.
    MIsc Figures and Parts Including
    2 My Little Pony's
    1 Heavy Duty Vintage 80's GI Joe
    1 Resolute Style Cobra BAT
    1 Resolute Style Duke
    1 Resolute Style Cobra Trooper/Crimson Guard
    1 Bart Simpson Keychain
    1 Scope toy part (I think it goes to my old Megatron, but he's not around anymore)
    1 Liger Zoids Toy
    1 Scooby doo figurine with SHaggy
    1 Jedi Clear Figurine
    Parts of BW megatron and others.
    Black/Mastadon Ranger Head (I think drink topper)
    90's Dragon Dagger Working Electronics. Good Condition, missing battery cover.-SOLD
    8 Inch Rangers in boxes. Not sealed, but NM.
    Voyager INFERNO MISB- $30
    Voyager Lugnut MISB-Hold
    Unknown Evangelion figure MISB
    SilverBolt MISB-HOLD
    Go-onger/Goonger Hotweels style car MISB $3
    Dragonzord Box Front and Back
    Dragonzord Foam Front and Back
    Dragonzord Direction Front and Back
    Remote Control Megazord MMPR All Lights and Electronics still work. Still has sheild, but no trunk.
    Doctor Who: Series 3 Complete DVD Set. $25
    Interior and exterior Shots of Carrying Case

    Leader Class optimus Prime (electronics still work)-$7
    Mystic force 12" Deluxe figure with wand
    Overdrive Bike
    White Ninja Action Ninja Ranger
    Fat Buu
    Goldar 8"
    Sword (think it goes to 8"
    White Ranger Christmas Ornament MMPR
    Darth Vader Silver
    Freiza silver
    Yellow Ranger Roleplay Weapon
    Batman Forever Batmobile
    Bat-Sub? From Batman Returns
    8" Blade Blasters
    Lightspeed rescue Ranger
    Machine Wars megatron-missing leg
    Thunderzord Tail Piece-Hold
    Thunderzord half staff
    Predacon Unknown Fuzor-complete
    Transmetal Cheetor-Good shape
    Pterodactyl Predacon
    Digimon unit
    Tiny Hulk Bobble Head

    RPM Roleplay set. Complete In box. Seems Mint to near Mint. Box is a little fragged
    Shot at 2010-08-21
    Power Claw Skeletor
    NM Beast Machines Megatron
    NM Generation 1 Astrotrain W stickers.
    Vernon (TMNT)
    Base piece from I think Pink Rangers Zord
    Ronin Warriors Armour
    Damage taking Skeletor
    Leonardo Sewer Samurai
    Vintage Rodimus Prime
    Darkness Saber
    Alpha's Magical Christmas
    NM complete RID Optimus Prime/Fire Convoy
    NM Seems complete Exclusive Variant Armada Prime
    NM Complete Jetfire.

    Also willing to act as a limited Proxy buyer for RB members outside the U.S.
    Basic charges would be to cover shipping (to me and you) item cost and paypal fees, plus an occassional bit for time or gas.
    PM for details.

    Primary:p aypal/Cash

    Ghostbusters 6" Figures
    Ghostbusters or Ghostbusters International RPG
    Doctor Who figures.
    Doctor Who "The 8th doctor" figure
    others welcome
    Doctor Who "The Flood" graphic novel.
    Doctor Who Big Finish Audios
    Doctor Who Alien Bodies Book
    Toku dvd's
    Kamen Rider items
    need a ixa figurine/Figure
    V3/TheNextV3 Merch.
    Plush Riders/Bikes
    Region 2 Gundam X Dvd's (except v.1.
    Classics Ultra-Magnus/City COmmander Armour
    Classics Cyclonus(s)
    Mobile Suit Gundam Zeonic Front
    Z.A.P. (Zero-section Armed Police) also known as “ZAC” (Zero-Section Armed Constable) and CyberCop 1989: Any and all of those highly articulated action figures they made for this line. Sold in the USA as a sort've power rangers knockoff in the 90's they had their own show that aired in various parts of Asia and the islands.
    Mario Goomba/Karibo related Merchandise
    KR Helmet
    KR Appropriate Scarf

    Damaged Action Figures and Plush toys.

    If you have something not on this list you think I'd be interested in, let me know.
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    Updated. New items.