RvB The Origin of Ghost

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    The year was 2025 on the mother of creation, where a rookie Spartan that just signed up as an intelligence officer.

    "Welcome to the mother of creation from here on out you Spartans will work as the UNSC's eyes and ears"

    Growing up I never thought I'd become an intelligence officer I wanted to be like the other Spartans on the battlefield slaying the covenant, but life has a way of throwing you off balance.

    Three years later

    I've been an intelligence officer for over three years now, and it's got me absolutely nowhere, but then I found someone that would change my life forever

    "Attention all intelligence officers, we have a freelancer on deck I want you all to watch him and do not let them out of your sight, understand"

    Sir yes sir!

    A Freelancer these guys are straight out of legend, i've never seen one but to be honest I've never actually seen another Spartan that has been in combat.

    "Hey you rookie, come here"

    I couldn't believe it A freelancer was going talk to me

    "Yes sir what can I do for you"

    He looked at me, I could he was looking for something

    How are you he asked me

    I told him I was a rookie at the intelligence Agency but he didn't believe me.

    "Listen kid I don't know who you are, I don't know who you think you are, but here's my number call me when you want to get out of this dump"

    He shook my hand and walked away I couldn't believe it a freelancer gave me his personal number I thought I was dreaming.

    I realized a few weeks later that he was right this place is a shit hole, so I called him and met him on Teletran-1 thats when my life changed forever.

    "Alright kid whoever you think you are I want you to forget everything see potential in you and believe me buddy I'm never wrong"

    So from now on I was training with a freelancer, his name was agent Colorado he wore rogue armor it was black and orange with blades all over him.

    This was the start of the rest of my life

    Eight years later

    "You ready agent North"

    "I Was born ready Colorado"
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    To years later on Albion

    I was on a pelican with eight freelancers; South Dakota, Colorado, Connecticut, Alaska, Hawaii, Minnesota, Chicago, and Florida

    Florida "Alright Alaska and Connecticut you're with me, South, North and Florida you'll be team two"

    South "The rest of you will stay at the pelican"

    I was always good up close picked up a shotgun and two SMG's

    Florida: "Alright everyone lets roll"

    You were searching for signs for forerunner relics

    We headed into the canyons, you could hear the pitter patter of water and the sounds of birds, it was so peaceful the most I've had in years.

    South: "okay were closing in on the Beacon get ready no mistakes"

    South was always a hard ass but her heart was in the right place

    South: "Shit why are the covenant here?!"

    They're probably looking for the relics as well

    South: will have to beat them to the... Dammit where's Florida!

    Crap Florida has always been a dumbass but what kind of idiot would run straight to the covenant

    Back at team one

    Colorado: South come in i repeat South come in can you hear me? Damn the radio must be broken

    Alaska: Colorado look! There's the relic!

    Connecticut: Alright guys better find a way to contact South and the rest

    Alaska: The pelicans radio will be strong enough to reach them

    Connecticut: alright let's get...

    Colorado: Connecticut are you alright

    Connecticut: it's the covenant!

    A Jackal sniper shot him twice through the chest

    Alaska: No!!

    To be continued