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    TFW2005 recognizes that the 2005 Boards Sightings Forum has become a unique place in the community. Beyond just a simple means to communicate to other local members where the most recent Deluxe-class or Leader-class figure was found, many members have used the forum to develop friendships and find common mutual interests outside of Transformers. For many, the Sightings Forum has become a true community.

    As such, the Sightings forum is moderated slightly different. All Rules of the 2005 Boards, which you agreed upon following when signing up for an account on the boards, should still be followed, with one exception to a small part of one rule:

    Rule #1 currently states throwing a topic off-course is against the rules of the 2005 Boards. Because of the uniqueness of our Sightings forums, threads do stray from strictly posts regarding sightings into other aspects of the Transformers universe as well as other topics affecting the specific community, or topics affecting groups of friends.

    Therefore, straying from posts regarding specific sightings is acceptable in this forum only under the following circumstances:
    • Any post conforms to all rules of the 2005 Boards with the exception of the "off-topic clause".
    • An off-topic conversation that does not concern Transformers or meet-ups should not dominate several consecutive pages of the thread.
    • When posting, just keep in mind that not everyone in that forum may care for the non-sightings-specific communication that is taking place. Please respect that opinion of those individual and take care in ensuring what you posting will not derail the thread and the enjoyment of others reading that thread.
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