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    Welcome to "Transformers Feedback". This forum will be for all of us as fans to critique and praise the work, items, ideas, or directions that Hasbro and the 3rd party companies involved with Transformers are putting out.

    This forum is open for all posters to start threads in, but please follow these guidelines.

    If a thread is started on a topic you want to give your feedback on (bitching or praising), keep it in one thread. Threads of similar topics will be combined, or duplicates just deleted.

    We as mods/admins will merge threads or consolidate as needed to keep the forum as tidy as possible. We want to keep it on a one thread per "idea" basis.

    Try and be constructive. One word, or generic answers will be removed. This is for the purpose of actually explaining why you didnt like or did like something, not just to bitch. If you can bitch in a specific manner, go for it. Same goes for praise. Dont just say "Love it"! and thats it. Explain why.

    Flame wars will not be tolerated. Be respectful of each other, and other's ideas. Everyone is different, and expresses themselves differently. If something ticks you off, try not to get personal. People will be banned for starting "ish".

    Topics can include specific toys, entire lines, specific episodes, general TV show comments, etc etc. You can speak generally about the direction of the line(s) or speak on specific paint details for one PVC, it's up to you.

    Try to start your topics with the name of the product, followed by what you are commenting on. AKA

    Alternator Tracks
    Alternators Tracks Vs. Binaltech Tracks
    Alternator Tracks: Paint Job
    Alternator Tracks: Weapon construction

    Transformers Energon TV Show
    Transformers Energon: Episode 34
    Transformers Energon: Quality of Animation
    Transformers Energon: Voice Dubbing

    whatever. We will probably combine all those threads into one at some point, but this makes it easy to find what you are talking about right from the bat.

    This is an experiment on our part to try and solidify the views of our community here at 2005 in one place. It is NOT official in any way, no one asked us to do this. There is no guarantee that anyone is gonna read this that matters. BUT, if they do look at our boards, at least they know where to go to get your ideas.

    Let yourselves be heard, later!
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    Can this forum be used as a wish list / suggestion place as well?

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