RotF themed note book, Soundbug and headphones

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    I got these in a competition, and I couldn't find them mentioned as news. I don't know if these are already generally available and people just didn't note them or if they're unique for the competition.

    The note book actually has a circuit board as cover, holes and all. The logo is on a brushed metal plate, and there's logos in the background of every page.

    The Soundbug is a device that transforms (heh) any plain surface into a speaker by using vibrations. This version is a plain, glossy black with a Autobot logo.

    The headphones fold into a fairly compact form and are decently light on your head. The sound isn't very great though, as I get much better sound from some decent Sony phones.

    If anyone wants to buy these off me, send a PM. Most likely there'll be international shipping though.

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