By Generation: RotF Ravage LED and Neck Modifications

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    Project thread found here:

    . . . . This is how I did mine:

    Color Key
    Green = section of [a] "Spider-man 2" Doctor Octopus bendy tentacle.
    Red = Screws
    Blue = Ball joint & cap

    I basically took out the base neck and mechanisms and put in the Doc Ock tentacle. affixed it to Ravage's collar by drilling two holes and securing it with two spare tiny screws used in TF's. I drilled into the end of the tentacle a bit, then glued in the ball joint and glued the cap into Ravages head.

    Side view:

    Top view:

    Bottom view:
    You can plainly see the ball joint and cap inside Ravages neck. You can [also] see where I over screwed a bit [as] it [is] starting to punch through:

    [ I ] Hope this helps.

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