RotF Leader Megatron (Gets a Real Arm)

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by frenzyrumble, Jun 3, 2009.

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    It's inevitable: I'd bet 90% of Radicon Leader Megatron owners are gonna do something creative to replace and/or fix his gimpy left "arm".

    I used TFTM Megatron's left arm, removed it at the shoulder, keeping the pin so that the shoulder's ratchet joint and everything past it is retained.

    The pin from the TFTM Megs arm slides tightly into the new hole where the ROTF arm came from. The arm will need to be removed for alt mode, but a sacrifice I'm cool with.*

    I then replaced the TFTM hand with the ROTF hand.

    On the ROTF hand, I cut it at the wrist so the plastic part with the pin stayed with the hand (black plastic) I sealed the parts together after removing the pin, making a solid round part for the wrist joint.

    On the TFTM wrist, I hollowed out between the two pin holding areas so the new hand can fit in there. I also had to machine around the pin area so the hand can move freely to straight and up and down (see pic below):


    Slide the new hand into the wrist and drove a tight long screw through and sniped off the ends:


    Next, gotta clean it all up and paint him:



    And, here's Megatron caught in the act picking his nose:


    During the thread discussion, several questions were asked, to which frenzy_rumble provides the following answers below. ~Superquad7)

    Yeah it does, only 'cause even the gimpy, tiny arm barely fits on alt mode.

    Something like this:


    don't think he needs much else. He's got great articulation, so [I'm] drawing a blank there too. I [have gotten] a lot of movie figs off eBay for a ridiculous price; the Megs I used was in there.

    Here's a drawing which might help, or might make you even laugh:


    The arm doesn't need to come off to go into alt mode. It can fold up or around the turret. (I'm not sure if this contradicts the statements above; see asterisk ~Superquad7)

    I did ;)  Here's an image of him completed:


    . . . . and here's his thread (completed version):

    here's a pic of my "Transformer collection":


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