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    Over at the Barnes and Noble website,, they posted a preview of the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Junior Novelization.

    Barnes and Noble Book Previewer

    The story starts with a one paged narrative from Optimus Prime, describing how the All Spark was once the source of life for Cybertron, until the war between the Decepticons and Autobots started.

    In 17,000 B.C., hunters are... hunting a tiger from the cover of tall grass. Suddenly The Fallen slams his foot down in front of them, obviously scaring the crap outta them (the tiger was not squished). The Fallen picks a fleshling up, dropping him in disgust and walks towards a canyon where dozens more Transformers are roaming. At center stage, there was a huge spire reaching the sky.

    Shanghai, present day, the Chinese police evacuated and blocked off an area as an 18 wheeler released several hummers and military men carrying high tech equipment. Cobra (tehehe) gunships followed them in the sky. The men in the Hummers pile out to reveal both US and Great Britain military uniforms. Lennox, Epps and Ironhide prepare for battle. Ironhide deploys Sideswipe and informs the twins (in ice cream truck form) to stay outta trouble.

    Demolishor (spelled Demolisher in the novel) transforms and rolls off, followed closely by Sidways. The twins follow the Audi Con into a narrow alley. They split in half and transform, one screaming at the other (in Cybertronian) and the other punching. Sideswipe slices off Sidways's leg and, after the military pins him down, Sideswipe decapitates Sideways (neglecting the whole Fembots chase scene).

    Demolishor was already a mile away. A plane flies overhead and drops Optimus Prime, who transforms into robot mode mid jump, revealing three Autobot logo'd parachutes. He lands on Demolishor's neck as Ironhide grabbed Demolishors's lower wheel. Optimus and Ironhide tip him over. Optimus walks closer to him (probably with the intent of decapitating him) only to hear his half destroyed voice box say that "The Fallen... shall rise... again". The book makes it ambiguous as to whether or not they finish Demolishor off or not.

    Sam finishes packing for college and begins to run down the stairs, almost tripping over Mojo, who is chasing the new french bulldog, Frankie. Ron Witwicky is eager to get rid of Sam in order to get a new home theater. Judy runs in crying about how her "bitty booty baby" is going to college. Sam seems receptive to ths an tells his dad that this is how he should be acting. Ron remarks how great it is that Sam is the first Witwicky to go to college, getting perfect SAT scores and becoming an A student overnight (an effect of the AllSpark).

    Ron and Sam talk about Sam's love life and Ron claims it won't last. Sam receives a call from Mikaela, who is working at a motorbike shop. Mikaela and Sam joke about breaking up and h tells her about the long distance relationship kit he made for her.

    Sam packs his charred shirt that he wore during the events of Transformers and, thinking its a charred ember, touches the AllSpark fragment, sending waves of Cybertronian energy and symbols through his brain. He drops it and it burns through the floor and into the kitchen (the kitchen appliance scene is ommitted where the appliances come to life and Bumblebee levels the house). Sam picks up the fragment, wraps it in a handkerchief, and puts it in a film canister.

    Mikaela comes over and Sam gives her the canister, telling her to hide it somewhere safe (without even telling her the contenets). The whole BB/Sam college talk starts.

    When Sam steps out, he tells Mikaela that she's the best thing that ever happenned to him. He continues but refuses to say the 'L' word.

    You have viewed all of the available preview pages for this book. We hope that you enjoyed it. WTF!