Minor/Repaint: ROTF Gears (Upgraded Form)

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    Here's the second ROTF Upgraded Minibot, Gears!

    Unlike the others, Gears was one of the uninjured Minibots during the fight with Bludgeon, being able to stand his ground until Bludgeon broke Gears's leg. When Bumblebee arrived and used his new found abilities, Gears's injury caused him much anguish. With his spark nearly depleting, Cosmos found a new body for Gears's spark to be transferred into. Following Powerglide's order to shut down, he later rescued his fellow Minibots after being summoned by NB. He wields a cannon, a drone that can serve as his eyes, and two machine gun smokestacks.

    Gears is obviously a repaint of HFTD Ironhide, painted with Krylon Fusion Red, Krylon Fusion Blue, Metallic Blue pearl for his eyes, and Krylon Silver.


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