rotf fansproject enhanced onslaught with energon snowcats missile cannons?

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    would it be possible to mod the back mounted missile cannons that come with fansprojects blastoff/swindle add on sets so that the bruticus's backpack would have the missle cannons replaced with a set of spring loaded missle canons salvaged from energon snowcat?

    i think snowcats missile cannons might be in the proper size scale to be compatible with rotf bruticus fansprojects backpack cannons add on piece.

    as for why i want to do this to mine

    i want to give my rotf/classics onslaught brawl vortex explorer blast off and munitioner swindle a set of spring loaded missile launching weaponry with the new weapon parts serving asa suitable homage to the weapons each of the original g1 combaticon figures came with

    but with the new weapon pieces being added on to each figures vehicle mode in such a way that it gives each figure a so called battle mode like the original figures had back in the day