Rotf,DC Toys,Halo,Universe. For trade

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    Dec 2, 2012
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    Rotf sideways the darker silver alternate(loose) no paint problems and tight joints
    Universe Leo Prime(loose) missing tail but besides that no problems
    A Rotf movie replica megatron (loose) only bad part is his head it looks nothing like megatron
    A Halo Reach Elite Ranger (loose) gun included
    A 6 inch Cyborg Super Man (loose) its the maroon and black costume
    Spawn Dark Age The Samurai Wars Samurai Spawn(mint)
    Spawn The Heap (mint

    You can selecte witch one you desire or if you want all just consolidate me on what you wish to receive and I'll agree.Ill be trading this stuff for Heneki or universe Starscream mint or in very good condition.Or generations Thundercraker mint or in very good condition.Or skywarp in very good conditions.Ramjet Heneki or Classics mint or very good condition.Or a AM Breakdown with hammer and stickers(doesnt have to be made applied). If you have none of those then tell me what you do have.