Rollcage: A Wrecker story.

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    I want to do a few short stories about the origin and adventures of the Wrecker Scout group. Rollcage is the bot in charge of proving such a team would be of use to the Autobot cause. I'll post new parts as often as I can. This takes place in the standard continuity.


    Cybertron, Corphera expanse.

    "I said shoot him in the face! Not drop your rifle and run!"

    These new recruits, they don't seem to get it. They can fight the big bots and win, they just need to hold their ground and choose their shots; aim for the eyes, target the joint sections, think surgically.

    "I've seen Soundwave's minion's take down a slagging combiner and all you three can do is spring leaks at the sight of one single Decepticon..."

    I throw my hands up in utter frustration. These three were handpicked by myself and Springer. I'm going have to come with some kind excuse for this, I can't have Magnus thinking this was a bad idea.

    "Ironhide's going to have my head when I tell him why we lost the entire shipment to a lone flyer!" I shouted. "Those converters were supposed to help keep this base fueled for the next five cycles! Now what are we suppose to do? I swear I'm going to put you three on a tread turbine and make you power this base with your own sparks!"

    "Sir...that was Starscream." He raised head and met my stare. "THE Starscream. He's a legend!"

    "Shut up, Crackdown." I snapped. "Just because he's got a reputation doesn't mean he gets a free pass. Oh sure, he's tough. He'd probably have ripped you apart and laughed the whole way. But you know what?" I leaned in close."You could have at least bought some time for the others to sneak up behind him and slap a grenade or two on his back. Or shot him in the optics, or cut off a hand or spit in his face. Be creative! Do anything to give the others a shot!"

    I paced up and down the line, looking each of them in the eye.

    "You're a team, work as one. We all don't have the option of being big bots so we rely on tactics, planning and teamwork."

    "Sir, you suggest we should be decoys? That's not what I signed up for."

    "Oh really? Tell me, Longshot, what did you sign up for? Running away? Hiding in the debris? Cowering in the shadow of some big bad Decepticon ready to slag your friends just because he can?"

    "Of course not!!" the small Autobot shouted.

    "So then why does the legendary Starscream now have an entire shipment of converters while I’m yelling at you for letting him take them?!"


    "...panicked! We all did." Chainbreaker, the tallest of the three finally spoke. I could hear the shame in her voice, she hadn't taken it any better than the rest of her team.

    "If you're going to be of any use to anyone, even the Decepticons for target practice, you have to hold your ground!" I seethed.

    "Yes sir!" all three replied.

    "So, you want a chance to get back at him? To maybe get a chance to redeem yourselves?"

    "Slag yes!"
    "Yes Sir!"

    "Alright. Transform and get ready to roll. We're going hunting."

    "Sir?" asked Crackdown. "there's no way we can catch him, he's a flyer. He's probably on the other side of Cybertron by now!"

    "Nope. He's going to be crawling his way out of here, slowly."

    "What makes you say that sir?"

    "Because those weren't really converters. I swapped them for a shipment of remote energon demolition packs." I pulled a small detonator switch from my pack. "I knew Ol’Screamie couldn't resist such an easy target and the chance to torture a few little Autobots. I needed to see if you three would crack under pressure."

    I pressed the detonator trigger.

    The three new Wrecker scouts stared dumbfounded at me as a far off explosion could be heard in the distance followed by what could have been a faint, terrified scream.

    "Now then..."

    I grinned slyly as a sudden look of realization appeared on their faces. Longshot, Crackdown and Chainbreaker transformed into their small vehicle modes. I switched to alt mode, my engine roaring.

    "...who wants a trophy?"
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    Frag YEAH !!!!! Keep it up !!!
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    Haha awesome. I love seeing characters that can show a little cleverness.