Roadshadow's Rebirth (Or, Transformers Galaxy Force-My Way)

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    Well, as many of you should know, I've finally made a fan-made Transformer (not as in a custom, but from my mind). His name is Roadshadow, an Autobot who, as his name implies, transforms into a car and can become invisible. Well, I thought it'd be nice to have a story about how Roadshadow meets me. :rolleyes:  And this is also gonna be a rewrite of Transformers Galaxy Force, so expect some changes. But the American names remain, but there's still "Force Chip! IGNITION!", Chip Square, and the Planet Force. This is my first TF fanfic, so please, don't be mean, just be nice, and leave any comments or suggestions for me. Okie dokie, here we go!


    CHAPTER 1: Beginnings

    Cybertron. Year: 2006 A.D. After relentless years of the battles against the Autobots and Decepticons, the war-scarred planet was now drained of energy. And to make things worse, a humongous black hole has started to pull the mechanical planet towards it. It was as if things couldn't get any worse.

    "This can't get any worse!" A black-colored Autobot said in a scared tone. He was at the SkyDome with all the other Autobots. Optimus Prime had just told them about the danger of the Grand Black Hole, and how it would devour Cybertron. In order for them to leave, their "temporary migration" was going to Earth and disguising themselves as Earthen vehicles and planes and other technologies there. Roadshadow didn't have enough time to scan an alternate mode. He decided it would be better for him to scan a better looking Earth car than the one Hot Shot picked out when he gets there. That and it would make him look distinguished, since he can change his appearance using his converter chip, codenamed "Shadow." It would allow Roadshadow to become invisible, and it would make him someone else completely. But now wasn't the time to brag about his special abilities, it was time to get off his home planet...for the last time.

    Roadshadow then left the SkyDome and had to take the long way to the warp gate, and that meant having to go through the bad side of Cybertron. He took to his old alternate mode, that of a hovercar. He zoomed away and left toward the warp gate. But what he didn't know next, would change him forever.

    "Man, am I gonna miss this place. And I'm also gonna miss Iacon, where I grew up in." Roadshadow sighed as he wizzed through Iacon, where it was now nearly piles of slag. It was tragic to see that his childhood friends were slagged by Decepticons. He's still haunted by the painful images of his once proud neighborhood being destroyed by...him.


    "That cold-hearted bastard. He'll pay dearly for what he did." Roadshadow declared. "I hope he gets slagged to Hell." Roadshadow nearly reached his destination when he saw Hot Shot and the other Autobots tangle with a Decepticon.

    "Starscream!?" Roadshadow said surprisingly as he stopped to transform into robot mode. He hid behind a wall and saw the action that was taking place.

    "How the slag is he still alive?" Roadshadow asked himself. "I thought he was dead. I mean, the bot is a traitorous son of a-" But before he could finish, a laser blast hit him. Roadshadow looked up and saw Thundercracker, who had his cannon arm pointed right at him.

    "Yee haw!" Thundercracker shouted in his western tone. "How 'bout that? If it ain't the bot who slagged my arm off!?"

    "Heh," Roadshadow chuckled under his faceplate. "At least you got something in exchange for it."

    "Shut it, Auto-slag!" Thundercracker said as he fired his cannon. Roadshadow quickly dodged it, and pulled out his own weapon. His engine gun was set to two modes: stun, and kill. Right now he would've switched to "overkill," but he didn't have the technology for a third mode. After all, a bot's gotta have a basic weapon when it comes to dealin' with a low-life Decepticreep. Roadshadow switched to kill and shot a few rounds at the gray and blue jet. Thundercracker dodged the laser shots with ease, but eventually got hit by one of them, and fell to the ground.

    "How do you like that, BLUNDER-cracker?" Roadshadow asked (Author's Note: Sorry about the bad joke :(  ).

    "Grr..." Thundercracker growled. Roadshadow ran off towards the other Autobots to help them beat Starscream, but he was too late. Starscream got away, and to make things worse, Landmine was spiraling towards the Grand Black Hole.

    "Landmine!" Roadshadow yelled. "Hang on, I'll get ya!" He activated his rocket jets on his feet and sped towards the brown and yellow Autobot.

    "Don't do it, mate!" Jetfire shouted. "If you try to save him, you'll get sucked in there, too!"

    "I don't care! He needs to be rescued immediately-aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!" Roadshadow shot back, but before he could finish, the Grand Black Hole sucked the two defenseless Autobots in, but as he was about to meet his maker, a warp gate appeared, sucking both of them into it. The last thing he saw on Cybertron with his optics was an ancient Transformer whose sword opened the warp gate for him.

    Earth. Year: 2006 A.D. A planet that after many years, the human population stayed dominant over all the other creatures that inhabited this blue world. But what was going to happen next would make things a whole lot more interesting.

    "Shit!" A male teenager cursed. He was 16, going on 17, his eyes were hazel, and his hair was brown. His skin was white, and he was about 5'8". He wore a black t-shirt, a watch on his left wrist, baggy jeans, and black shoes. He wasn't chubby, but he was a bit skinny. The guy was running away from two muscular guys, both wearing football uniforms. One short and one big.

    "Of all the goddamn things to happen to me, they wanted to beat me up after school!" The unknown kid said as he was running towards his house.

    "Stop runnin' away freak!" the big one shouted. "We only want the answers to the history test next week, and we'll use force if necessary!"

    "Yeah, force." The short one chuckled suspiciously like Beavis from Beavis and Butthead.

    "Leave me alone, you dumbasses!" The kid shot back. "I don't have the answers, nor would I want to."

    "We know you have them, Eric!" The big one yelled.

    "Gotta find a hiding spot till they go away," Eric thought to himself. "But where....where?" He saw a forest that was near his house. Of course, he thought. "No brainless chimps like those two could find me here. Man, that's convenient." So he ran far into the forest, and he lost them.

    "Whew," Eric said smoothly. "That was close. I can't believe that Kizamu and Goro would want to know the answers to the history test that we're havin' next week. Those idiots need to realize that when they're chasing a down a smart guy like me, they need to know that not all smart people have the answers. Hell, some of us barely-"

    He was interrupted by the sky changing colors into what appeared to be an aurora. The kid looked up in awe.

    "The hell? That's not right." He stated. But as soon as he could find out what caused it, it went away, turning the sky back to blue, followed by what appeared to be a meteorite crashing nearby, the loud sound made it obvious.

    "Whoa shit!" Eric yelled. "I gotta get outta here, but yet, I feel I have the urge to check it out." And so he did. He ran towards the crash site. It destroyed a lot of trees and left a huge crater. When Eric got to the crater...

    "" Eric gasped in shock. There in the crater was a giant black-colored robot, with a weird red face symbol on its chest, which looked the hood of a car. Its legs appeared to have some car parts, with the back wheels on its legs. The robot's arms had the front wheels on its shoulders, which were covered by the front doors of a car. The head was the most interesting of all. Its eyes were bright green, and its faceplate was blue. The robot's helmet was skinny, but it was black.

    "What...the it?" Eric asked himself, still in awe.

    "Ughh..." The robot finally said weakly. "Need....assistance..."

    "Oh shit," Eric said. "This is definitely not your run-in-the-mill alien..."
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    :lol  Boy you said it.... :D  Wonder what you make of Optimus... :ev:  IF you meet him that is...

    :confused2  Run Awaayyyyyy!!! :lol 
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    Okay, sorry about the delay, damn work. And I'm glad SOMEONE actually replied. I wouldn't care anyway. :p  Here's...

    CHAPTER 2!!!

    CHAPTER 2: Missing

    "" The black robot said.

    "Umm...I don't whether to be astonished or terrified." Eric said, confused. "Who are you? Where are you from?"

    "R-Roadshadow," The robot replied. "Where I' called Cyber-" Just as he was about to finish, he was automatically shut down. Eric came closer to him, still in awe at the size of a robot like him. Then, he found out where he was hit: a large dent on his forehead. Must have really bad brain damage, or better yet a rock could've hit him, Eric thought. No wonder the guy can barely speak. Since Eric knew a lot about technology and computers, he decided to give it a shot and repair the fallen giant. Eric went up to Roadshadow's forehead and saw a small opening in the center of the dent. By the looks of the technology inside, he would think it would take a LOT more than just switching around some hard drives.

    "Hmm?" Vector Prime thought as he was observing the Chip Square symbol that he had got from Lori's shirt. The Autobots were building a new base on Earth to find the Planet Force and the Chip Square. It also meant that all the migrant Transformers had to stay in vehicle mode. But he felt something amiss. He thought he had forgot something. Landmine came up to the ancient Autobot.

    "Hey Vector, what's wrong?" The yellow Autobot asked.

    "Landmine, do you remember another Autobot being with you in that warp gate I created that sent you to Earth?" Vector Prime questioned.

    "Hmm..." Landmine pondered. "Now that you think of it, there was this one other Autobot. He was black, with green eyes, and a blue faceplate. Didn't know who he is, though."

    "Best you tell Optimus Prime about that. He can send out some Autobots to investigate." Vector Prime ordered.

    "Got it!" Landmine said with a thumbs up as he walked towards Optimus Prime, who was giving out orders.

    "Hmm, alright, let's see..." Eric said as he got out all the tools needed to fix up a computer. But it wasn't a computer he was gonna try to fix, it was gonna be a giant robot. He went up to the head and made the opening a bit bigger so he can operate. Since the sun was out, he didn't need a flashlight. He searched around the insides of the forehead and soon found the problem: what appeared to be a hard drive twice the size of a regular hard drive had a dent on one of its edges, and with a microchip scraped.

    "Well, shit," He cursed. "Guess we have to do this from the bottom up." He managed to pull out the hard drive, which was as long as his arm. He looked at the microchip which said, "Autobot Memory Bank-40 Gigabytes."

    "40 Gigabytes? You've got to be joking." Eric said. "I have 400 Gigabytes on the hard drive I have here. Let's try that." Eric pulled out the microchip containing Roadshadow's memory and put it in the new hard drive and shoved it into the robot's forehead. He sealed the hole, and undented the mark. Now to see if it worked, Eric thought. The robot's optics soon flashed bright green, and his body became moveable. In fact, he was able to move his hand. Roadshadow regained his ability to speak.

    "Wha-? What? I'm alive?" Roadshadow asked himself. "But..but how?"

    "Well," Eric began. "I never knew your kind of technology was that easy to fix, just a simple swap of hard drives is all."

    "You did WHAT TO MY BRAIN!?" Roadshadow bellowed.

    "Shush!" Eric said to the robot. "Don't you want to be seen by humans?"

    "Whoa, that reminds me, I need to scan a vehicle, quick!" Roadshadow stated as he was about to move, but as he did, Eric stopped him.

    "Look buddy, I don't know what you are, but you are DEFINITELY not supposed to be seen like that." He told Roadshadow.

    "And this is coming from the earthling who 'fixed me?'" Roadshadow said, using the quoting fingers gesture.

    "Relax," Eric reassured him. "I replaced your 40 GB with 400 gigs. That's way more memory than you have now."

    "Well, I do feel more open-minded." Roadshadow said calmly. "But fixing me won't help me from the fact that I'm gonna be dead if I don't get an alternate mode soon!" He panicked, sweating some kind of mech fluid nervously.

    "Will you CALM DOWN FOR FIVE GOD DAMN MINUTES AND LISTEN TO ME!?" Eric shouted at him. He stopped, and sat down on his butt quietly.

    "Look, I have a picture of my car, maybe you can scan that for an alternate mode." He stated, showing a picture of a black car with Eric next to it.

    "Ooh," The robot ooh-ed. "That fits!" He said cheeringly as he scanned the car. When he was done, he began to take shape. His body parts were rearranging themselves, as if he was transforming.

    "What's wrong with you now?" Eric asked. By the time he said that, Roadshadow became a very replica of Eric's car.

    "Oh no, I just transformed is all." Roadshadow said.

    "Umm...what?" Eric asked.

    "Guess I'd better explain then. Heh heh." Roadshadow chuckled as he told him everything from Cybertron to Autobots Vs. Decepticons to what's happening right now. Eric was amazed how these "Transformers" can become cars, planes, and anything else.

    "And that's all you need to know, but you can't tell anyone." Roadshadow finished.

    "No problem. The name's Eric." Eric introduced himself.

    "Like I said before, my name is Roadshadow. Sorry if I got all panicky." Roadshadow said. "I guess I owe ya one for both saving my life, and my new sleek alt mode. Say, what kind of car is this, anyway?"

    "A car that's gonna get scrapped, Autosnot!" A western voice shouted from a grey plane with orange trim color and some blue.

    "Oh slag, not Thundercracker..." Roadshadow moaned.

    "Who's he?" Eric asked. "And what's with the western voice?"

    "Shut it human!" Thundercracker snarled. "I was born with a voice like this! Now prepare to die!"

    Dun dun dun... :D