Ripclaw's Laserbeam Tutorial for GIMP

Discussion in 'Tutorials and How Tos' started by Ripclaw, Jul 19, 2008.

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    im going to give a tutorial on how to make lasers with gimp

    this is the way i do it, you dont have to do it this way


    first choose the pic you want to add a laser to

    then open it with gimp


    then, choose the paths tool and make sure that it will make polygonal shapes


    then you can make the general shape of the laser


    then go to select, select from path

    it will select and close from the path


    then you should go to select, feather and depending on the size of the pic, and the selected area, make the feathering anywhere between 5-40

    for this one i chose 20


    should look like this or something like that


    then you use the paintbrush tool using the largest size brush, and any color you want (i used blue)


    fill in the selected area


    then cut that area out without changing anything about it

    the end result should be this


    hope this helps anyone

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