Riftshot, Recoiler, Revolver

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    Apr 16, 2012
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    Looking to sell the RRR trio. Each has been opened. Never transformed. Put on the armor amd took pics is all. Never even displayed. Boxes have very minor flaws at worst.

    For all 3 - $425 shipped in the US.


    Revolver only, WITH the armor additions - $250 shipped in the US.

    Riftshot and Recoiler with NO armor included (only the 2 small weapons each) - $225 shipped in the US.

    I will not monitor replies here - PM me or email me at reeledrobot at g mail.com

    No holds, no lower offers accepted. Need these sold quick, so if you're slow to reply or pay, can't do much for you.

    My feedback is below.