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    I wanted to go over the Decepticons we got so far in RiD. But there are so many, that I decided to only cover my Top 5 Decepticons I would like to see again per 13 episodes for season 1 and 2. No returning characters from Prime.

    Season 1 first halve

    5. Steeljaw: For the first two seasons he was the main bad guy of the show. His plan was to turn Earth into a Decepticon-Homeworld.
    During the first halve of season one he recruited his pack. As shown in “Sideways” he can be very patient (I´m not sure if that’s the right word) with his new members. I mean he was pretty polite to Clampdown after he tried to sell them out to the Autobots.
    Later in “Lockout”, he made some very rookie mistakes, like not actually putting his hostages in a cage or something. This could imply that he is not very experienced with this but he learned from this and avoided the same mistakes in “Misdirection”. Also in the end of “Lockout” he sends the others outside instead of letting his anger out on them, which was kind of nice of him or I´m still to used to Megatron at this point.
    In season two he seemed a bit more aggressive. I guess that could have something to do with Megatronus. It also seemed like he was trying to reduce the competition by getting rid of Scorponok and choosing his new pack based on them being easy to mislead.
    At this point I´m not sure if he´s in the next season or not but I would like to see what he would do next. Though I´m also afraid he might not act as nice as he did so far.

    4. Minitron: I mainly just want to know if he´s angry at Steeljaw after “True Colors”. Other than that, I don´t think it would be a good idea to have him control another character permanently and he can´t stay without a bigger body so I kind of understand that he´s very unlikely to return. I come back to this later.

    3. Chop Shop: I think he could have been very useful. I mean, in “More than Meets the Eye”, he managed to steal a spaceship together. He would be great to get stuff or sneak around.
    Personality wise, I like him. In “Even Robots Have Nightmares” it seemed like he can be nice or grateful if he wants to. I´m not sure if that goes for the entire Combiner or just his right hand though. Do the components have their own personalities or is it more like a swarm-intelligence?

    2. Ped: I found his digging-skills very impressive. Maybe he could help building an underground base. He also seems to have some basic knowledge about tactics. I guess he´s not the easiest to talk to but I think he could be very useful.

    Other Mentions:

    Springload, Quillfire and Bisk: I don´t really want to see them in show but a spinoff with those three could be fun.

    1. Fracture with Airazor and Divebomb: I like them. He listens to his Minicons. They show concern for each other. They are just so cute together.
    Also he seemed to be the most competent member of the pack.

    Season 1 Second halve

    5. Pseudo: Like Minitron, I can see why he´s unlikely to return. Shape shifting is a useful ability but there aren´t that many different things he could do in RiD.
    In “Ghosts and Impostors” I got the impression, he just wanted to be left alone. That was one of the few episodes, were I wanted the Autobots to be more willing to talk.

    4. Octopunch: I think he would be the best choice for an marine unit.
    Okay, I guess Hammerstrike and his recolor were the only other options and I suppose you don´t really need one but he seems rather strong, has experience with locating and retrieving old stuff and apparently his tentacle senses also work on air.
    Maybe he could meet the scavengers.

    3. Scowl: I would had liked to see him interact with Thunderhoof.
    I also would had liked, if they had tried Grimlocks “plan”. I guess they were going for a “you can´t save everyone” kind of lesson but that doesn’t really work, if you don´t try first and he sounded hurt when Grimlock broke their promise immediately.

    2. Vertebreak: I´ve seen Steeljaw linked to the Werewolf and Nightstrike to Dracula. To complete the trio, we need a Frankenstein and here is already the doctor.
    I´m not sure what cyber-crafting can and cannot do. So I´m going to assume it´s whatever the plot says and my idea would be that he could use some random stuff to make a bigger body for Minitron.
    Also every team should have a medic, right? And he seems to be the closest to one, we got so far.

    Other Mention:

    Kickback: First, I had him instead of Scowl on the list but then I realized that I don´t have a reason why. I just like seeing him I guess.

    1. Nightstrike: Flying units can be very useful and he seems to be the best option.
    I suppose they would have to do something about his screams. He can´t repeat this every time and it would make it harder for him to team up with others.
    At first I thought he was a vampire which could had been a problem but then Razorpaw tried the same and now I assume that everyone can do this most of them just don´t want to.

    Season 2

    5. Overload: I like him. At least he was an more interesting opener villain then Underbite.

    4. Glacius and Swelter: I like the elemental powers and interactions.

    Other Mentions:

    Simacore with Axiom and Theorem: I usually like scientists but those guys just don´t do it for me.

    3., 2. and 1. Glowstrike, Scorponok and Saberhorn: I like the idea of an Decepticon group with more than one leader.
    In “Metal Meltdown” their positions were a bit unclear to me. Glowstrike seemed to be very violent and in charge. Scorponok seemed more quiet and technical. And Saberhorn seemed to be just one of their underlings. In later episodes this got disproven.

    Season 2.5

    Since there are only two small groups:

    The Scavengers: They didn´t leaf much of an impact. To me they seem like the type of characters that grow over time but I´m not sure we´ll see them again.
    On second thought, they have the members to from an potential combiner group, so who knows.

    Starscreams Cons: I can´t really say anything about them. It seems they are all based on generics maybe they tried to stand out.
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    OK, I gues I should have added an direct question. Let´s see:

    Who would you have liked to see more?