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    There's a couple of big sales that I hit each year that kind of mark the end of the Flea Market season for me. They happened this past week and did not disappoint (well, one kinda did, but the other made up for it.)

    So, here's my finds from a combination of Yard Sales, Flea Markets and Rummage sale the past 2 weekends:

    G1 OP, no parts (np)
    G1 Jazz, np
    G1 Bluestreak, missing 1 door and np
    G1 Grimlock, np
    G1 Astrotrain, np
    G1 Twin Twist, np
    G1 Blaster, np
    G1 Kickback, 1 bkn antenna, np
    G1 Constructicons set, only 2 accys (Hook is not broken)
    Red BB
    Frenzy, missing 1 arm, np
    ROTF Soundwave
    MV Barricade semi-junker
    Mv Blackout junker (no feet)
    Legends Mv Megs and Excellion
    TzM Primal, np
    Cheeror, no gut gun
    TzM2 Cheetor, no missile
    TsM2 Dinobot, no tail
    BW Razorclaw (Video version)
    Four Star KO Snarl, 1/2 tail broken
    Few misc TF parts

    Lot of assorted Star Wars figures, mostly newer, some w/ weapons
    SW Anakin's Jedi fighter (not in pic)
    2 SW TFs, not 100% complete
    MASK Rhino, w/ missile, 2 MASK figs and 3 masks
    Lot of 80's GIJoe figs, no accys
    Lot of 80's TMNT figs, some accys
    Jurasic Park Strike Cycle, MISB
    8 Asst Superhero figures
    Box and bags of asst Lego
    Tin of Bakugan stuff, plus bag full of cards
    Axis and Allies boardgame
    Shadowlord boardgame (not in pic)
    70's Steven Skor-ball Pinball, in NM condition (sadly not worth anything)
    2 Warhammer Tyranid models, still sealed
    Nerf CS-6 Recon, 2 darts
    1/24 Cox Chapparal Slot Car (not in pic, turns out goes for $200+ on Ebay)

    Also picked up various other things for my sons, a few books & DVDs, etc...

    Not sure of the total cost... Was a mix of purchases & donations... But probably no more than $100.


    Anyone else have any luck?