Review: Transformers United Scrapheap (E-Hobby exclusive)

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    Remarks: This will be short, seeing as I've already reviewed Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar, Shattered Glass Wreck-Gar, and Generations Junkheap, all of whom share this mold. What can I say? I really wanted to have a bunch of Junkions and if a sweet deal should come along, I might even be persuaded to buy the other two Botcon exclusive Junkions. But we're looking at Scrapheap now. He's got more muted colors than the other two "normal" Junkions and yet another new head design, very sweet. Otherwise he is, of course, the exact same figure, so look at my other reviews for more details there.

    There were three distinct Junkion designs created for the 1986 Transformers movie, which were subsequently used in the cartoon. One was Wreck-Gar, of course, the others are what the toys Junkheap and Scrapheap are based on. So that's it for the moment, folks, for big Junkion crowd scenes you'll need to do what the cartoon did: replicate. Scrapheap here is probably the most expensive (non-Botcon) Junkion, seeing as he was only available via the E-Hobby store in an exclusive 3-pack with new versions of Classics Rodimus and Kup. Thank God for eBay, though, as I didn't want the other two. So bottom line: still a great mold, but unless you're a nut like me who wants all three variants, you're probably better off looking for Wreck-Gar or Junkheap, as they're liable to be a lot less expensive.

    Rating: B+