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    Robot Mode: If you’ve ever played with or at least seen a Mr. Potatohead before (which should be 90% of the population of the Western World after the Toy Story movies), then you pretty much know what to expect here: a potato-shaped body with various body parts that can attach and detach at your leisure. In this case, of course, the body parts are mostly robot parts. Bumblespud (who is, of course, patterned after Bumblebee), comes with a helmet (complete with door-wings), a pair of eyes, a red nose, two white arms, white teeth, yellow feet, a grey thing that is to represent Bumblebee’s mouth/jaw, and the yellow-and-black front portion of a Camaro that serves as BB’s chest plate.

    Now the standard configuration (the one he was boxed in) is okay, but not very spectacular. Removing the robot parts (except for the helmet and feet) and giving him a standard face looks fun, but doesn’t have that much to do with Transformers anymore. My personal favorite, though, is the ‘Meanie’-Look, where you use the car front / chest plate in place of the eyes (like a visor). The license plate doubles as a nose and with the big teethy grin this version of Bumblespud looks just mean. There are, of course, quite a few other configurations you can try, so the fun doesn’t come too short.

    Remarks: After the original Transformers Potatohead, Optimash Prime from the Movie line, it was hardly a big surprise to see another Potatohead as part of the Revenge of the Fallen merchandise. The fact that it’s Bumblebee is not a big surprise, either, seeing as he’s by far the most overrepresented character in that toyline. I hesitated a long time to buy this guy here (and even then only when he was on clearance), not because the idea isn’t fun, but more so because I am rather tired of Bumblebees.

    Even without that in mind, though, in my personal opinion Bumblespud isn’t as much fun as Optimash Prime was. Not sure why, just my impression. Still, as a partner for Optimash and if you can get him on clearance, he’s a good, fun piece of merchandise.

    Rating: B