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    Couldn't find a (non-video) thread for this guy here, so I'm making one for this review my buddy Caked-Up wrote.

    For more pics, click on the image above

    Overview: Rapido is the final figure from Botcon 2010 that I picked up for myself. He was the other figure in the two-pack with Cindersaur. For some strange reason I picked up one that had a Spanish tech spec card.

    Vehicle Mode: Rapido’s vehicle mode is loosely based on the Nissan 350Z. Not a bad looking car in reality or the toy. He is predominantly two shades of red (the kind that doesn’t like photography) and black. He sports the number “19” on each of his doors. He has two of the three key paint apps I like to complain about. His rims and taillights are painted, however the tail pipe was left untouched.

    Unlike Turbomaster, he proudly displays his Botcon/Generation 2 Autobot symbol not once, but twice. And if you still don’t know what faction he is with, the windshield also clearly says, “AUTOBOT.” He only has two faults in this mode. First off, his weapon doesn’t clip in well and falls out/rubs when he rolls. Secondly, his windows are a nice and clear, but that allows robot kibble to be seen. His car mode does not excite me, but it certainly does not disappoint either.

    Robot Mode: In robot mode the black and red paint is complemented by cyan and grey. It is an attractive color scheme that complements both Cindersaur and Turbomaster, as it is not offensive or garish. My loving wife, Melissa, is especially fond of his paint job. His sculpting is on par with the Classics line, but the face is hard for the camera to capture because of the cyan color.

    One detail I thought was interesting was that the headlights “lens” piece separates from the “light” during transformation giving him some extra texture. He appears to be only lightly armed with a dinky hand gun and smallish shoulder mounted missiles, though according to his bio, good things come in small packages.

    His posability is great with only two limitations. By positioning the roof kibble by his hips he will not be able to rotate at the waist. Additionally, his shoulder’s wheel kibble has a tendency to hit the door kibble, but if you keep it up and back it won’t be a huge issue. Depending on how you position his legs, his stability isn’t a concern. Having the wings back like I do tends to makes him semi back heavy, but he can still kneel on one knee. This is one of those figures that simply doesn’t have any hard faults. He is just a great figure to have.

    Conclusion: Rapido’s original toy was one of my favorites because of the color and that he fit my pocket. He gets extra points for being packed in with Cindersaur. I can’t find any real deal breaking faults with him. He is just a great figure, but as with my other Botcon 2010 figures, do not break your wallet to get him. If you can only afford one figure go for Cindersaur. If you can get a two pack, get Cindersaur and Rapido.

    Grade: A

    PS: He also looks to me like a lady bug. I had to get that out there.
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    Great review. Also all tech specs were in Spanish because he is Rapido. It said on the back of the specs that you could get the translated version from A lot of people tried to return theirs because of that, which is odd.

    overall I think it adds to Rapidos' Novelty.