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    Prelude: Sharp Edge is an extensive remold of Beast Wars Cybershark. Due to quite a few differences and the fact that it’s been nearly five years since I reviewed Cybershark, Sharp Edge will get a full review regardless.

    Robot Mode: Sharp Edge is a shellformer, meaning his actual robot body has pretty much no part in forming the alternate mode, it just curls up inside a shell, which opens up into two wing-like parts on his back. Now this isn’t a bad thing, as Sharp Edge is a pretty spiffy-looking robot, very posable, and nicely detailed. And the big wings on his back don’t hinder him in any way, so they’re not a problem, either.

    Personally I like Sharp Edge’s paint job in robot mode a bit better than that of Cybershark, but that’s a subjective thing. He’s got a new head with a fin on top and a somewhat more human face, no trace of Cybershark’s big toothy grin. The front and back of the beast mode still become his weapons, the tail fin (slightly bigger here) becomes a big, cutter-like weapon, while he can hold his beast head with the long saw in his hand or launch it from the missile launcher in his chest. Alternatively he has two more missiles stored on his back, both of them with little shark faces sculpted into their tips. Very nice.

    Cybershark is among my favourite Beast Wars Deluxe figures and there is really no reason why Sharp Edge should be any worse. Whether or not he looks better in robot mode is subjective, of course, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with him objectively. Thumbs up.

    Alternate Mode: Sharp Edge still transforms into a shark, of course, but due to the alternate beast head it’s no longer a hammerhead shark like Cybershark, but rather a saw shark (Pristiophoridae). Being a shell former, most of the beast mode is being formed from the wing-like pieces he carried on his back in robot mode. Apart from the new head, the changed tail fin and a different paint job separate him from Cybershark.

    Not much else has changed, of course. Sharp Edge is pretty much a brick in this mode; the only moving parts here are the two fins on his sides, which are ball-jointed. He can still launch his head like a missile, but that’s the extent of the gimmicks in this mode. All in all this is a great-looking beast mode, which I’ll call neither better nor worse than that of Cybershark.

    Remarks: After Cybershark in Beast Wars (the toyline, at least, not the TV series) and Hellscream in Beast Wars II (both toyline and cartoon), this here is the third showing of this mold, this time for the Japanese Beast Wars Neo line. Now I haven’t seen much of Beast Wars Neo, so I can’t tell you anything about whatever role he might have played there, sorry.

    The only real drawback Cybershark had was his lack of media-presence, otherwise he was an excellent toy. That hasn’t changed for this remold, the only difference being that Sharp Edge did actually appear in a cartoon, though one most Western viewers will never have seen. Still, all TF fans who aren’t completely opposed to the Beast Wars style should own at least one version of this excellent figure. Sharp Edge was available both individually, as well as in a two-pack with Hardhead.

    Rating: B+
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    I finally scored my own copy of this figure which has been a bit of a grail of mine. This isn't the most illusive or rare figure in the world but the price continually sliped out of what I believed was reasonable until I finally jumped on it.

    The 1997 release of Beast Wars Cybershark has long been one of my favorite molds of all time. Sharpedge, being a Beast Wars Neo mold that was not released outside of the Asian market (as far as I know) the prices are fairly volatile. Like the Killerpunch version of the triceradon mold, this figure consistently fetches a higher price than those molds that did get wider releases.

    So this mold commits the two cardinal sins for most Transformer fans through shell-forming AND parts-forming...yet both modes are fun, original and fresh and these “cheats” are put to excellent use. It’s worth noting that this mold came from a time when designers could create new characters that didn’t have to conform to some existing IP. It was also a time when fans wouldn’t complain if a toy lacked fidelity to their vision of what some specific character “should” look like. This is the era that brought me back into Transformers collecting and it’s also the era I keep going back to, again and again.

    Where Cybershark is a strange amalgamation of shark breeds (the first Fuzor?) Sharpedge is a straight up sawfish with some cartoony likenesses worked in. The fish mode is, in my opinion, lovely. Sea creatures are a RARE treat in the world of Transformers and this one is a wonderfully offbeat choice at that.

    Transformation in either direction is fun and quick. Each mode looks entirely different from the other including a bold, deep fleshy red color introduced for the robot mode and a significantly longer and more streamlined fish mode. This kind of transformation is always immensely satisfying IMO.

    The robot mode is elegant in its clutter, putting kibble to use as a stylish design element (the backpack/shoulder “spikes”) and as weapons that are silly and menacing at the same time. The central chest launcher, which also holds the fish head on in animal mode, can fire the head (a highly questionable battle tactic) or it can fire one of two missiles, engraved beautifully with a shark design. The missiles also store neatly in backpack slots.

    Articulation was wonderful for its day and it has all of the most important joints, rendered in the lovely and versatile ball and socket type the lack of a waist joint and ankle tilts are noticeable for a collector in 2021 but their lack is forgivable IMO.

    Overall, my collection feels much more complete with this special figure from a special era.

    Rating: A+

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