Retro-Review: G1 Pepsi Convoy

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    Robot Mode: As one of the countless re-releases of G1 Optimus Prime, Pepsi Convoy naturally is the same excellt robot that Prime has always been. The differences are solely in the paint job, as Pepsi Convoy has adopted some Pepsi colors, namely more blue on his stomach and forearms, a lighter shade of blue overall, and a Pepsi logo instead of the Autobot brand on one shoulder. He's also got Pepsi-style wave patterns on his knees and feet. Overall he's clearly the same robot, just sporting ads now.

    Not much else I can say here. I've reviewed multiple versions of the Optimus Prime mold already and this version offers little new in robot mode except the colors. They look good if you don't mind the Pepsi thing.

    Alternate Mode: Naturally Pepsi Convoy transforms into a red cab-over-engine semi truck. Again, the differences are only in the colors. Pepsi Convoy shows a lot more blue in truck mode than Optimus ever did and again, there's a Pepsi logo on one side. The major difference is, of course, the trailer. Instead of the grey box trailer most versions of G1 Optimus Prime have, Pepsi Convoy has an open platform trailer with holding clamps designed to hold either a bottle of Pepsi (or any other soft drink of your choice) lying down, or three cans standing up. Oh, it can also store bottle caps, which are apparently quite popular in Japan, but I don't have any of those handy, sorry.

    Nothing else new here. No battle station hidden in this trailer, of course. Prime can store his detachable fists and rifle on the trailer's underside when he's in vehicle mode, but that's it in terms of gimmicks. Still, a nice-looking trailer and I believe the only open platform trailer Prime ever had.

    Remarks: There are few (if any) Transformers figures that have been re-released more often than the original Optimus Prime. There have been dozens of different versions and that's not even counting the various production differences the original figure had back in 1984 due to the fact that Hasbro was still producing figures in more countries than just China back then. The first time the Autobot leader sold out to Pepsi was way back in 1985, but Pepsi Convoy/Prime has since reappeared both in Japan (this version here) and in the American Classics line.

    Do you really need Pepsi Prime or Convoy? No, you don't. Is it fun to see the original Autobot leader haul a bottle of soda around? You bet it is. So bottom line, this one here's for Optimus Prime fanatics only.

    Rating: B+