Retro-Review: G1 Misfire

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    My buddy Erstchef wrote this as his very first review (the pictures are his, too) and I think he did a pretty good job.

    For more pics, click on the image above

    Robot Mode: Misfire is one of the first Targetmasters, he hit the stores in 1987. He is a real Hasbro in-house development (no former Diaclone Bot), so they tried to capture the spirit of this time. The result is a PINK-colored bad guy! Apart from the strange color (especially for today´s eyes) the robot mode is unexpectedly good. Okay, the majority of his cockpit is the typical backpack on his back, but this is all the negative I can find.

    Very positive: his tremendous posability. He can move his upper and lower legs as well as his feet. Same procedure when you try to move his arms or fists. Ok, doesn´t sound so spectacular today but we´re in 1987 where his flexibility seems to be equal to a contortionist. We could philosophize if the torso and arm size fits with the long legs. From my point of view the proportions are still within a humanoid range. And don´t forget, we´re in 1987. A time were most of the TF could only move their arms.

    Alternate Mode: As mentioned, the year 1987 had a new style established. The first generation of completely in-house developments in a futuristic style (starting with Hot Rod, Blurr and Galvatron in 1986) achieved their full emancipation with this wave. That´s why Misfire transforms into a really sci-fi-looking jet, instead of a normal, existing type of a jet (like the seekers did). I was 10 years old when I first saw Misfire. I was starry-eyed (the bright pink probably blinded me) at my local toy store. And I wanted him! I couldn´t believe that a toy would had such a cool looking jet mode and even today (23 years later) the jet mode still looks as hot as Megan in TF1. The jet mode seems to be a mixture of Buck Roger´s spaceship and a Battlestar Galactica Viper (which are good qualifications for a jet mode). He even got a landing gear. A roll on his lower chest and two small wheels under his cockpit. Ok, that´s not such a big deal, but at least he´s able to roll.

    It´s notable that the transformation is very simple. Only 10 seconds are needed to transform Misfire. But the jet looks completely wholesome, no head or anything else from the robot mode can be seen here. For 1987 quite a good work.

    Partner/ Add-on: In 1987 the first “sidekicks” appeared in the world of the Transformers. The Targetmasters where introduced simultaneously with the Headmasters, followed by the Powermasters in 1988. I wasn´t a fan of these little buddies back in 1987 and the Targetmaster were the worst of them. The figures themselves are quite boring and too small. To this day I refuse to count a …Master as a standalone Transformer in my humble collection. Transformed as a weapon Targetmasters are quite embarrassing. They just fold their hip and that´s all. The effect is a way too short but really tall blaster. Very different from those sleek, long, and powerful looking blasters nearly every normal G1 TF had. And “Aimless” is the worst of them. Some Targetmasters (like Sureshot´s Targetmaster Spoilsport) have their barrels on their back. So at least they were able to have a recognizable barrel. But that´s not Aimless’ way, his barrels are nearly invisible. The effect is worst in jet mode. I can´t remember having another TF with such a creepy look in “attack mode”. It seems like Misfire transports a cube and not a superweapon.

    Remarks: Misfire is one of my few TF which I didn’t sell on the flea market. 23 years later I ´m happy, that no one bought him. And I’m still amazed how bright the pink is. In TF History, he´s pretty much a nobody. Had a short appearance in the G1 cartoon’s finale “The Rebirth” and in a few older comics. In my mind Misfire is kind of a forerunner for G2, due to his flashy color. No other TF was flashier and brighter that way ... and I hope that no one ever will be. As a robot, he´s very posable, as a jet he´s looking very sleek. And best of all, you don´t have to use the Targetmaster with him, so you don´t have to disfigure the design. There´s a good rating on the way.

    If you want to buy one (and are able to find one) I can only recommend Misfire for G1 fans. They can´t go wrong with Misfire. In 1987 he was quite a good catch because he was much better than the average Transformer. But were now in 2010 and there a so many better and cooler Transformers to buy for the average fan. The ravages of time will someday even fade the brightest pink.

    Rating: B