Retools = Lots of Characters

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    The TF universe is filled with a vast array of unique and colourful characters, and something I don't like about the confines of singular videogames are the (understandable due to time constraints) limitations that are placed upon the cast - you can never represent as many of these characters as you'd like to.

    So I was thinking, what if HMS were to take a page out of Hasbros book, and aim at making a MUCH larger cast for this game simply via making cast selections which could be quickly and easily retooled and recoloured into other recognisable TFs, and then released as regular DLC packs (probably the most tempting aspect of this idea from a company point of view)? They wouldn't need to actually feature in the story, it'd just be cool to have them included for play in the online modes.

    Heres some of the retools which could be used (brand new character models in capitals):

    Optimus Prime > Kup

    Bumblebee > Cliffjumper

    Sideswipe > Wheeljack, Rodimus, Hot Shot, Drift

    Onslaught > Ultra Magnus, Hot Spot, First Aid, Motormaster (look at UM and MM in the DS version of the game, and you'll see they use pretty much the same character model as Onslaught)

    Ironhide > Streetwise, Swindle (if these guys are gonna form Gestalt legs then they need to be big vehicles), Bulkhead

    Air Raid > Slingshot

    Jetfire > Fireflight, Skydive

    Barricade > Drag Strip (also done already on DS)

    Breakdown > Wildrider, Lockdown

    Brawl > Bludgeon

    Demolishor > Striker

    Starscream > All the seekers (including cone heads)

    Warpath > Perceptor

    WRECK GAR > Groove, Oil Slick, Ransack

    EVAC > Blades, Vortex

    SWOOP > Cutthroat, Icebird, Mindwipe, Brimstone, Air Razor, Dive Bomb, Wingspan (pretty much any bird-like TF)

    RAZORCLAW > Leobreaker, Weirdwolf, Cybertron Snarl, Sinnertwin, Pounce

    HEADSTRONG > Tantrum, Slag, Rhinox

    HUNN GRR > Cybertron Scourge, Cryotek

    SCORPONOK > Pincher

    GRIMLOCK > Beast Wars Megatron

    OPTIMUS PRIMAL > Blot, Rippersnapper

    SPRINGER > Sandstorm

    BLITZWING > Broadside

    ASTROTRAIN > Octane/Tankor

    BLACK ARACHNIA > Tarantulas

    SIXSHOT > Quickswitch

    So basically via using a relatively small number of base models, you can create a much larger cast with minimal effort (theres probably a much, much greater number of characters you could create this way than I've even suggested).