Retools: From Prime Wars to Beast Wars

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    I still find it remarkable that TR Alpha Trion and Broadside are mold-mates:


    The level of retooling that went into creating Broadside is beyond extensive. To an outsider like myself, with no knowledge of toy design, creating a new mold altogether would have seemed like the easier task.

    The only conclusion I can draw is that even with this level of retooling, it is more economically viable for Hasbro to go down this path than making an entirely new mold. And if this is indeed the case, then the possibility for, for example, new Beast Wars toys has increased.

    I'm hoping to see new Generations versions of the G1 Dinobots and G1 Predacons in Power Of The Primes. I doubt I'm alone in that hope. We also saw Deathsaurus and Optimus Primal feature as candidates in the recent POTP poll. The number of potential beasts that could feature in the line grows.

    I wouldn't go as far as saying that POTP would have a 'beast' theme (though I'd certainly welcome it), there are some potential retool options that may please Beast Wars fans -- from robotic beasts to organic retools.

    Apeface becomes Optimus Primal
    Swoop becomes Terrorsaur
    Grimlock becomes Megatron or Dinobot
    Pounce becomes Cheetor or Tigatron
    Wingspan becomes Airazor
    Catilla becomes Cheetor or Tigatron
    Chainclaw becomes Polar Claw
    Snarler becomes Razorbeast

    They're all pipe-dreams of course, but given the lengths Hasbro seem to be prepared to go to, the possibilities are there. We're in for a fascinating future.
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    Unknown evil / deathsaurus to transmetal megatron , g1 grimlock and transmetal dinobot
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    I am guessing potp will be about the different primes and their colonies.
    Seeing how Nexus and Onyx have been especially singled out in past IDW fiction and Predaking is making an appeatance i'd say there is a real chance this toyline might be very beast and combiner centric.
    If you look at it we're still behind 4 beast combiners and the Dinobots.
    Maybe we'll see Predaking, Abominus and the Dinobots in the mainline and a couple of online boxsets for Piranacon and Monstructor ?
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