Restore my faith in Transformers, please!

Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by Bathawk, May 31, 2009.

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    well if you take into account all the G1 orientated merchandise that has and still is coming out and the stories/bios that provides a bit of that background.

    Really the point is that if you are not thrilled about the movie much like my self its going to be a while before anything is going to be worth while again.

    I give it this the new leader Prime is pretty awesome and sidswipe well really he is still tracks to me he doesnt really hold a single feature in common with sideswipe. Cool bot though thats for sure. Really if anything turns one off to the movie its the horrible characterization cheap jokes and the horrible writing.

    The toys also lack the familiar TF feel as they really are more beast like in robot mode than any previous line. Basically the Movie is what happens when you get NON fans in to create a movie they have no idea about.

    With all thats going on lately economy wise and also hasbro thinks everyone who lined up to see the first one will do the same again that is why they chose to push the movie line hard. This killed animated if you ask me. The movie verse oddly is just a dumbed down Transformers series. It makes G1 look like Macbeth