Rescue Bots Season 2 Marathon on the HUB

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    Just in case you've missed several of Season 2 Rescue Bots episodes you will have a chance to catch up on MONDAY June 9th---only on the HUB.

    The first episode airs 11 am CT (12pm ET) and ends 3pm CT. (4pm ET)

    The episodes according to my cable listings...

    Tip of the Iceberg
    What Lies Below
    What Rises Above
    Space Bots
    The Island of Misfit Tech
    The Vigilant Town
    Buddy System
    In Search of the Griffin's Nest

    Set your DVR's, get some popcorn and enjoy!!! This is a nice way to start a summer vacation. :popcorn 

    I know many of my fave S2 eps are in this list... my nephew and I will be watching. :D 
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