Customs: Requests for parts and fan repro pieces from the past.

Discussion in 'Requests' started by RedAlert Rescue, May 15, 2009.

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    This is a list of the pieces I need I can either pay for them or swap other pieces or Junker-bots.

    1) Movie 2007 Arcee or Battle Damaged Arcee Missile/Exhaust pipes X2.

    2) Armada Overload Missiles 'any color' for any of the repaints or even the japanese ones ideally a pair but singles might do.

    3) Sixshot's large white guns

    4) An Original G1 Missile Launcher for Mirage (unbroken)

    5) An orginal G1 or Japanese reissue Jazz / Meister Short missile launcher.

    6) Any dinobot weapons.

    7) The ramps for Overload.

    8) Any stray accessories for Trypticon

    9) G1 Laserbeak (silver guns) or maybe just one

    10) G1 Ravage Silver missiles - I don't mind if they are faded or the chrome is missing so long as they are not broken.

    11) Someone who can swap the parts left or right weapons with the Blue Centurion Cassette repaints of Ravage and laserbeak.

    12) Someone who's got the opposite problem from me with Machine Wars Megaplex having two arms the same.

    13) A junker Universe Cyclonus mine's got damaged guns on the right hip. so anything that has entact guns or even just that piece removed from the toy is fine.

    14) Minicons Blackout (belongs to Demolishor must have the radar dish) and OverRun (or RunOver) [from Optimus].

    15) Junker brown TRU-Japan exclusive Land military Micron - I got one with the wheels missing from new. so i'm looking for one with wheels or to get the wheels as parts. they are teal colored I believe.

    16) Cybertron Voyager Starscream's mold any color any version Missile Launchers and missiles.

    17) The clear hip part from Armada ratchet's mold any color any version of the mold.

    Lastly this is not so much a part want as wants for previously produced fan parts I can't find.

    A) Appropriately colored Black and clear Targetmasters for Black and clear repro Hot Rodimus.

    B) A sword for spychanger Scourge.

    C) A good quality replacement G1 style head (or just the face is fine) for Universe Blaster.

    D) Repro Weapons for the Eggbots and Spark-bots based on the ones that came with the Microchange originals from which they derive before they were remade as Beast Wars and Kiss Players toys.

    E) Repro Multi-colored clear Energon chips (assorted colors). epecially to fit the combiner team leaders.

    F) And I wonder did anyone ever make Beast Wars weapons such as Depth Charge's other gun, or Rattraps pistol (to fit the Tranmetals). - Dinobot used that gun sometimes to I believe.