Request: Armada Tidal Wave Legs

Discussion in 'Transformers 3rd Party Discussion' started by deathdrive, Oct 17, 2016.

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    So I need to beg and plead for some company out there to PLEASE make thighs for Armada Tidal wave.

    Seriously he is SUCH a good figure and he just needs the damn leg pieces to make him perfect. Yes there is a titans return version of him coming but I seriously doubt it will capture the sheer magic of this toy. Theres tons of them out there in the aftermarket for people to buy and complete this amazing giant figure if an addon kit for him were to surface. With the advent of TR Tidal Wave coming out there definitely will be interest for this figure's improvement.

    Hes sturdy, hes got several repaints, just make these thigh pieces please someone anyone. Add a few nick knacks here and there for him to go with. Hell I could see iron factory make something for him and just add on some of the drones they have to go with him!

    I really do wish I had the skill and ability to do this myself but I just cant. I hope someone out there will understand this cry for help and do something with it because Armada Tidal Wave is just SUCH a good toy with just this stupid lack of articulation missing... Which would otherwise make him perfect.
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