Reprolabels TFCon Update - Scoria and more!

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    Just got an email from Reprolabels.

    2 new sets for TFCon- Prometheus Gumball (Not Streetwise) ,FansToys Scoria and MP shafter

    Reprolabels will be setting up at TFcon this weekend, and we'll be displaying some brand new sets, just released today!

    For the new , Justin created this spectacular set:

    And thanks to Eric at Madhaus Toys, who will be setting up near us at TFcon, we were able to get this beautiful set done for Scoria (Not Slag):

    Lastly, the TFcon staff themselves made possible this excellent (and hilarious) upgrade set for the show exclusive, Shafter!

    We hope to see all of you at the show! For more details on the event:

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