Replacement MP-13 Soundwave (takara) Right Forearm

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    Hey guys, looking for help with MP-13 Soundwave (Takara).

    Im trying to transform him for the first time, and ive noticed a problem with his left arm "door" being EXTREMELY difficult to open, and very tight when closing, it feels like it could break if i force it, and when closing it, it seems to want to push both parts of the arm apart, any ways to fix or loosen? ive taken out the screws and attempt to split the arm, but no luck. Aswell as not being able to move the legs fowards.

    edit: ive been able to pry the arm apart (without damaging any components) and the outer hinge that the arm door is on has fractured (not the plastic rod attached to the arm, and not damaged through me opening it) and is unable to move alowing the first to come out of the arm cavity, or it being put back into it.

    Would anyone be willing to ship me a replacement forearm (either official or KO) to fix my problematic arm? just as long as it dose not share the same problem as mine dose, just to clarify this is the Right Arm.
    i can provide my adress and payment details in a PM.