Renderform RF-016G Greeny G. Green Upgrade Set

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    I met Azim (Venksta) of Renderform at his booth at BotCon 2014 next to the Toy Dojo booth (formerly Ed Bomber toys). I asked if there was a Botcon Exclusive kit and pointed to his Green Beast Hunters Voyager Grimwing. I forgot to ask him why he chose this as the exclusive, so I can speculate that Grimwing is green so he kind of looks like a parrot since he has a griffin head (Hasbro calls it ursagryph on the box, a combination of bear and gryphon). So I bought set 3 of 25 for $40. It's a weird concidence that I bought the Beast Hunters Voyager Grimwing from the Transformers Collector's Club Store only because it was on sale for $14 before I even knew about the Renderform set. I did not plan to open it until after I saw Greeny G. Green.
    As you can see in the contents, it comes with a head, Death Czar rifle, and clear pirate sword all in green colors. This type of head is one of Renderforms few painted products. Azim said he does not like to paint the products as it increases the time and cost of them.

    To put the head, you have to remove Grimwing's head using a tiny Phillips screwdriver. Greeny's head does not have a screwdriver and and pop in the neck ball joint. The part that has the neck joint is easily removable and it snaps on a short pegged hinge. If you have a Grimwing mold you can figure that out easily.

    The new head is bigger than the old one so it stands out more. (sorry for the unfocused pictures).
    The visor kind of looks like a beak since it is a different color.

    It holds both weapons. However, the elbow joint on my Grimwing was loose so it could not hold the heavy death czar rifle up for long.

    Grimwing could also hold the rifle as a melee weapon with the back peg.

    Soul Calibur Cervantes pose.

    The head is so big that it cannot fold in beast mode (an oversight on Azim's part) so I have to remove the head in order to transform it correctly.
    I could not find a good place to store the sword since I only saw 2 pegs in beast mode. I decided loosely place the sword in the gap above the head.

    Another place I could put the sword is loosely in the beak.

    Is it worth it? Well this is the only way you can get the weapons in green and there are only 25 of them. Grimwing is funny as a robot pirate parrot. The biggest issue is the fact you cannot keep the big head in beast mode. The head needs to be redesigned to fit in the cavity. It also cool to give Grimwing a sword and blaster instead of the semi-useless grapple launcher. I guess he can steal booty with it.