Customs: RenderForm rf-002 SkyFall Empyrean Espionage Upgrade Kit

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    For convenience sake, I'll move my review thread over here from

    Hey Guys, I picked up a kit locally so I thought I'd share some pictures and thoughts. So let's just jump right into it!

    Here's what my kit included. This was the full kit, which cost me $26. Two rifles, a helmet, front and back, and two visors, red and yellow.

    Here's a close-up of the gun. For a 3rd party garage kit, the mold is pretty clean.

    Here are the two heads side by side. The original is on the left, while the renderform one is on the right. For installation, KEEP THAT SCREW!!

    Here they are from the front. Original on left, new on right.

    For installation, spin Skyfall's head around and remove the screw. Find the seam on the top of the head and split it apart, and remove the original head.

    Next, put the visor of your choice in the front of the helmet, and put the head on backwards:

    Then install the screw:

    Now put the guns in his hands and pose him!

    Here's a side by side comparison, old and new:

    The new version looks way more accurate, and way more badass in my opinion. The guns also store in jet mode:

    Oh what's that under his nose?

    Lucky draw power!!! I was lucky enough to get one of the randomly inserted clear red rifles. There is also another surprise that is inserted into every package, but I was asked to hold off on showing that until they start showing up at people's houses.

    The kit feels really solid. The plastic quality is on par with the top 3rd party companies out there. The mold is pretty sharp, but there are some soft corners here and there, as you can see in the pictures. For what you're paying, imo, the quality is good.

    Looking really close at the helmet and gun, the mold on the helmet has some softer corners, but the guns look very clean.

    The plastic is more of a matt plastic and doesn't match the glossy paint of the figure exactly, but unless you're looking really close you can't really tell.

    The head fits on very tightly and isn't loose at all. The guns fit into the hands tightly as well. The visor lights up when you transform him, and the yellow visor turns red. Very cool effect, but I wasn't able to capture it on camera.

    Overall a nice kit. Very much worth the price imo. Compared to other upgrade kit makers, this kit makes Universe Skyfall look WAY more accurate, and WAAY more badass! The price is very low compared to other kit makers. I recommend this guy 100%

    Here is the thread that covers the development of this kit: Universe Skyfall Upgrade (WIP) - Cybertron.CA - Canadian Transformers News and Discussion
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    Looks pretty cool.
    I wanna do something like this.