Customs: Removing stubborn stress mark?

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    I have an Alien Attack Firage I got used but there were a few stress marks on it: on the shoulder, door pegs, and left thigh. I used a small bic lighter flame to put out the shoulder one. And then used boiling water to remove the door peg ones. But the boiling water didn't work on the thigh piece. I held it down for like 10 seconds and still didn't go and I'm sure the water was boiling.

    I tried the flame trick on the thigh piece first but then I stopped because it was already too close to the plastic and didn't want to warp it. Just from my few attempts to heat up the thigh piece from boiling water, I think I can see a tiny bit of warping in the crevice of the piece. 20200108_041210.jpg

    I don't think a blowdryer would work because the boiling water and flame were already hot enough. From how it looks, it seems like a really deep stress mark from how white it is.

    I heard from someone else that they just used paint markers to cover up the stress marks and I think that's my only option now. Anyone know of a good paint brand/paint marker to match Firage's red glossy plastic? I tried tamiya red paint and it doesn't clear well.

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