Reminder: Vote on the 2004/2005 Golden Disk Awards

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    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick reminder that voting is still open for the 2004/2005 Golden Disk Awards through February 28!

    For those of you who may have missed our first announcement, the GDAs are a 'reformatted' version of Robert Jung's annual "Trannies" Transformers fan awards run from 1997-2004, this time put together by ASM Editor-in-Chief Phil Zeman and myself.

    The annual fans' choice awards are a great way to bring TF fans from all over the globe together and share your opinions on common questions- vote for your favorites of 2004, 2005 (the awards weren't run last year so we're covering two years), and 'all time', in categories like Toys, Characters, Television, and Fan Community.

    So drop by and vote in one of two ways:

    1) Convenient online ballot:
    -Enter a name/nickname/handle and valid e-mail address, which will be used to identify your ballot. (These 2 fields are mandatory.)
    -Enter answers to the ballot questions. Feel free to leave blanks if you don't have an opinion on certain questions, and comments are entirely optional.
    -When you are ready to submit your ballot answers and comments to us, click one of the Save buttons (at the top or bottom of the form.) If your browser uses JavaScript and cookies, it will even store your responses if you can't get through the whole ballot in one sitting, so when you next load the form, your responses will still be there.

    2) A low-tech plain text version is also available for download on the ballot page (see URL above) with which you can mail responses to [email protected].