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    "Here we are, Autobots. You can transfrom now."

    Optimus had lead his troops to the outskirts of New York without any explanation as to why. He simply told them to follow him, and they obeyed. Now the Autobots stood in awe, gazing at a massive structure that could be easily seen even from their distance.

    "I don't get it, Prime, what are we doing here?" Bumblebee asked.

    "Bumblebee, look at that structure. What message does it portray to you?"

    "Oh, I don't know, sir. Power, maybe. Strength. Elegance. I mean, it's a very nice looking building, I missing something here?"

    "Sir, does it have anything to do with all the humans crowded around at the base of the building?" Prowl asked.

    "It does. Why do you think they're where they are, Prowl?"

    "Perhaps it's a dedication for the building. It looks new. Maybe everyone is crowded around it for an opening ceremony?"

    "That is part of it, yes. Now listen. All of you, listen closely. What do you hear?"

    Although it was faint, the Autobots could tell that people were giving speeches. They could just make out words like "honor," "heroism," and "sacrifice."

    "Did something happen, Prime?" Hound asks.

    "Yes, something did happen. Ten years ago today, in fact. We Autobots, having already endured countless years of the terrors of war, have become accustomed to being under attack. And this has hardened us. So many of our soldiers have lost sight of what they were originally fighting for and instead let their hatred blind them."

    "Oh yeah, I remember your speech when you first became Prime," said Trailbreaker. "You reminded us that we fight for freedom and equality. That we live as a benefit to others rather than to just serve ourselves."

    "Indeed. The Autobots needed a wakeup call. They needed to be reminded of what truly matters for them, what is worth dying for. Ten years ago today, the people you see standing before that building over their received a wakeup call of their own. Where that beautiful skyscraper stands today, there used to be two. The Twin Towers, as they were called, served as a symbol of sorts. Then they both came crashing down because of an act of terrorism. Many of the innocent people in those buildings lost their lives.”

    “That’s….that’s horrible, sir,” reflected Hound.

    “But where danger increased, so did heroism. There were plenty who gave their lives as a sacrifice to save others. They had more on their minds than just their own personal safety. Autobots, we may be able to take quite a beating. We are not as susceptible to the heat of flames or to shards of glass. These humans, however, are. Their bodies are more fragile than ours, yet this didn’t matter to them. The heroes of that tragic day put their lives on the line for the sake of others and for the sake of freedom. I want you all to remember this, for we fight for the same cause. We fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. We fight for the rights of all sentient beings, be they Cybertronian, human, or anything else for that matter. These humans went in and put their fears aside because of what they believed in. I suggest you all do the same.”

    The Autobots were silent then, each reflecting on what Optimus had just said. In many ways, the heroes of 9/11 had displayed the Autobot virtues better than the Autobots themselves ever did.

    “This is the purpose for which I brought you here, Autobots. Always stand up for what you believe in. Let no trial or danger stop you, but live boldly, as they have. May it be a lesson you never forget,” Optimus said, breaking the silence. “Autobots, let’s roll.”